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Publisher Spotlight: Ragnarok Publications ›

Ragnarok Publications is a relatively new yet rapidly growing publisher specializing in fantasy and darker genre fiction. Here, we speak with Joe Martin, Ragnarok’s Publisher, and Jeremy Mohler, Ragnarok’s Creative Director, about their start through the power of crowdfunding, their growth by way of a well-thought-out merger with a prominent creative services company, and maybe a … Read More »

Publisher Spotlight: Pelican Book Group ›

Pelican Book Group received some very exciting news near the end of last year. The publisher of high-quality Christian fiction was given the opportunity to discuss their values in a whole different media—television!
Here, Editor-in-Chief Nicola Martinez discusses her new television program “On Purpose,” how Pelican Book Group came to fruition, and their collective goal of glorifying Christ … Read More »

Publisher Spotlight: PM Press ›

PM Press is an independent publisher that specializes in radical, Marxist and anarchist literature, as well as crime fiction, graphic novels, music CDs, and political documentaries. In other words, PM Press is the coolest.
Here, co-Founder Craig O’Hara walks us through how a history of anarchism and activism has led PM Press to the success they see … Read More »

Why This Is a Great Time for Graphic Novels ›

An Interview with Author/ Illustrator Lucas Turnbloom
Lucas Turnboom, illustrator of Dragon and Captain (Flashlight Press) and author/illustrator of the soon-to-be feature film Dream Jumper (Scholastic) shares with us his journey from a post-grad graphic designer to the author/illustrator behind Paramount’s latest project.
IPG:  What is your history with the world of illustration and graphic novels? How did you get yourRead More »

IPG Publisher Spotlight: Orenda Books ›

The word “orenda” is a Canadian First Nations word that means: ‘The mystical power that drives human accomplishment’. UK publisher Orenda Books has certainly lived up to its namesake in its short few years of existence. Here, Karen Sullivan, Orenda Books’ powerhouse of a sole employee, takes us through the difference between the US and UK market, … Read More »

Publisher Spotlight: CBAY Books ›

Madeline Smoot of CBAY Books sits down with us to discuss the origins of her fantastic small press, her defense of the “m” word, and how IPG’s marketing team has helped her along the way.
IPG: You have quite a unique name. How did you come up with “Children’s Brains Are Yummy”?
Madeline Smoot: Children’s Brains are Yummy was … Read More »

Publisher Spotlight: Cardinal Rule Press ›

Maria Dismondy, Owner of Cardinal Rule Press discusses her transition from education to publishing, her social media strategy, and her new book with NFL Superstar Stephen Tulloch.
IPG: How did Cardinal Rule Press come to exist?
Maria Dismondy: I was a classroom teacher for over a decade, and I noticed a great need for books on self-esteem and bullying. After plenty of searching … Read More »