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INscribe Digital provides solutions for clients ranging from small niche and academic presses to top 20 publishers.  Our industry-leading distribution technology allows those clients to access over 250 eBook retailers and 20,000 libraries, as well as offering full print distribution.  INstore provides actionable insights into sales and trends, and our team provides our publishers critical marketing support through our close retailer relationships and third-party marketing service offerings. 

We offer three major products: 

eBook Distribution: Our distribution systems are highly automated, assuring our clients have full visibility to the timely and accurate delivery of all digital assets. We are able to customize deliveries per retailer underneath a single ISBN, giving publishers great flexibility.  We also offer standard and enhanced services for clients using this service, including book production and marketing services. 

INstore: Get access to reviews, rankings, live status information and more through INscribe's INstore tool, providing you with actionable information to drive sales worldwide and streamline your marketing efforts.

INdemand: INdemand is our print service with distribution to all major outlets. We offer everything from Print on Demand to off-set printing for longer print runs, a more cost effective print solution for larger quantities. INdemand is ideal for independent authors and small publishers who are looking for flexible distribution options for their print programs.

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