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Special Sales and the Gift Market

Special Sales

In addition to its comprehensive approach to the book trade, IPG also operates a five-person in-house department to sell to accounts outside the regular book trade. Sales to these customers represent approximately 15 percent of IPG’s total sales and they are especially important to the IPG publishers because the returns are negligible and many titles sell well for years after they have run their course in the trade.

IPG actively sells to more than 1,200 museum stores—fine arts museums, history museums, science museums, planetariums, and more. While most museum stores do not carry as many titles as a trade bookstore, the right book matched to the right store will lead to substantial long-term sales.

As almost every special interest title has a compatible special interest market outside of the book trade, it is important to prospect for these markets and to present appropriate titles to them.  IPG has the capacity to create, almost instantly, full-color custom catalogs that contain only titles of interest to specialty buyers.

The Gift Market

As part of its special sales efforts, IPG hired its first gift market sales representatives in 2006 and this has become a fast-growing part of our business. IPG currently has over 100 gift market sales reps in the field, participates in more than eight regional gift shows, including major shows in Atlanta and New York, and produces a separate gift book catalog each season to support sales in this market. IPG has space in seven showrooms in gift marts across the United States.

Joshleigh Matilda Rowe

Special Sales Manager

Joshleigh began working in the book industry after earning her BFA from DePaul University in 2009. She has worked at multiple national book chains under various titles including Bookseller, Operations Associate, Inventory Specialist, and Merchandising Supervisor. Joshleigh joined IPG in March 2015 as a Customer Service Representative before making her way into the Special Sales department, where she eventually ascended to the manager position. As the Special Sales Manager, she markets to an array of specialty retailers, wholesalers, mail order catalogs, and online resellers, while also managing the in-house special sales team, the field gift rep force, and the Christian retail sales force. She also maintains and produces IPG’s seasonal Gift and Christian catalogs.

Scott McWilliams

Sales Associate

Scott worked more than 25 years as a bookseller in independent bookstores, including 10 years with the legendary Kroch’s & Brentano’s in Chicago and then as manager and buyer at 57th Street Books before joining IPG in 2010. After two years as a Customer Service Representative, Scott moved to the Special Sales Department as a Sales Associate. His primary focus is providing sales support to IPG’s gift and education market field sales forces as well as providing sales support to IPG’s in-house special sales department.

Will Fancher

Special Sales Representative

Will has been a member of the Special Sales department since May 2017. Prior to that he spent nine years with Barnes and Noble Education, working as a textbook buyer and manager at several universities, including Boston University, Harvard, and DePaul. Will sells to a variety of specialty accounts, focus areas include music, performing arts, histroy, nature and national parks, gardening, cooking, religion and spirituality, military and maritime, and Native American interest.

Jen Young

Special Sales Representative

Jen overseas the Bookblock custom journal business as well as selling a variety of specialty accounts, including those with a focus on stationary, health, British/Irish/Scottish interest, performing arts, and politics, and corporate giving.

Special Sales and The Gift Market
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