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Direct-to-Consumer Sales

Many IPG publishers make use of IPG’s fulfillment services to take care of orders generated by their own advertising efforts or websites. IPG can process all major credit cards and its computer system keeps track of the books sold and captures the customer information for each order. Publishers can link directly into IPG’s online shopping cart, and can provide this feature to their authors and specialty accounts to help maximize revenue for sales generated by their marketing efforts.

Also, most IPG publishers take advantage of IPG’s fulfillment service (at a much-reduced rate) to ship orders they have generated themselves to corporations, groups, or other nonbook customers not sold by IPG. This means that many IPG client publishers do not need to operate their own warehousing facilities.

Publishers who work through a distributor often complain that they lose touch with their marketplace and that they cannot get straight answers to their questions from the distributor. IPG is intensely aware of this very real problem and overcomes it by providing a wealth of market information to its client publishers.

Direct-to-Consumer Sales