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The Professional and Academic Market

 IPG sends specialized subject catalogs and makes numerous pitches through electronic media to college and university professors to secure course adoptions, works closely with academic, professional, and business libraries, and approaches professional and academic associations and groups.

Many titles represented by IPG, originally published with only the traditional book market in mind, are now also adopted for college and university courses and bought by research libraries. This added distribution channel has meant increased sales for trade titles, and it also gives IPG publishers the freedom to consider titles that might have seemed too academic for the trade or too "tradey" for the academic market—a new and very interesting niche.

Paul Murphy

Vice President, Academic, Art, and Professional Programs

In his long career in the book business, Paul has held various senior positions in sales, marketing, and editorial at McGraw-Hill; Thomson; Course Technology Inc; and Holt, Rinehart and Winston. His rich experience in many professional and academic markets has helped IPG publishers find author leads for supplemental texts and has helped publishers identify and target schools for presales market research. Paul's core responsibility is to develop sales for professional, academic, and computer publishers. Reaching out to professionals and academics for personal development and academic course adoptions greatly extends the life and sales of IPG titles.

The Spanish Language Market
Schools, School Libraries, and School Supply Stores