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IPG Attends the 2019 Beijing International Book Fair ›

At what many are calling the the biggest and best yet, this year’s Beijing International Book Fair hosted more than 2,600 exhibitors and 320,000 visitors. IPG’s very own Joe Matthews, CEO, and Scott Hatfill, Director of International Sales, were able to attend and experience the excitement firsthand. Scott shares below an inside look into his time in Beijing.
Scott … Read More »

ISA Annual Convention: A Recap ›

Spring is an incredibly busy time at IPG for trade shows and conferences. We have London Book Fair, Bologna Children’s Book Fair, PLA Conference, TLA Annual Conference, and ISA Annual Convention, all within the same month! This year, Kathryn Cassibry, Online Content Coordinator, was tasked with attending the International Studies Association’s annual convention in San … Read More »

Frankfurt Book Fair: Takeaways from the World’s Largest Trade Show for Books ›

Perhaps the most covetable trade show IPG participates in is the annual Frankfurt Book Fair. Every October, our lucky program directors and CEO fly to Germany for a week of the “world’s largest event for the publishing industry.”
Last year, IPG CEO Joe Matthews gave us the rundown of his experience for one of our very first trade … Read More »

Publisher Spotlight: PM Press ›

PM Press is an independent publisher that specializes in radical, Marxist and anarchist literature, as well as crime fiction, graphic novels, music CDs, and political documentaries. In other words, PM Press is the coolest.
Here, co-Founder Craig O’Hara walks us through how a history of anarchism and activism has led PM Press to the success they see … Read More »

IPG Publisher Spotlight: Orenda Books ›

The word “orenda” is a Canadian First Nations word that means: ‘The mystical power that drives human accomplishment’. UK publisher Orenda Books has certainly lived up to its namesake in its short few years of existence. Here, Karen Sullivan, Orenda Books’ powerhouse of a sole employee, takes us through the difference between the US and UK market, … Read More »

Stability is Back for Publishing: Lessons from London Book Fair 2016 ›

Over 25,000 publishing professionals flocked to “the most creative city in the world” this April to learn, exhibit, and make connections. The London Book Fair celebrated its 45th anniversary this year in a big way—and IPG was there for it all.
Here, CEO Joe Matthews shares his biggest takeaways from his trip across the pond.
What was IPG’sRead More »

Publisher Spotlight: Editorial Océano de México ›

We sit down with Pablo Martinez of Editorial Océano de México,  IPG’s largest Spanish-language publisher, to discuss the benefits of being a large international independent publisher, the ever-growing Latin American market, and the opportunities they expect to accompany this growth.
IPG: What differentiates Oceano from other publishers in Mexico?
Pablo Martinez: Oceano has the privilege of benefiting both … Read More »