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Distribution Services

Marketing Services

IPG's dedicated marketing team offers many services aimed at advancing the visibility of their publisher clients' brands and titles. Much of IPG's consistent growth has come not by adding more publishers and titles to its lists, but rather by its success in supporting and encouraging the growth of its client publishers by opening new sales channels and by greatly expanding the number of marketing support services offered to them. 

IPG provides the benefit of its higher frequency advertising rates in well-known trade publications—Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, School Library Journal, etc—to client publishers, enabling them to advertise at greatly reduced rates, and also assists client publishers in identifying appropriate advertising vehicles that are tailored to their titles and budgets. As ABA members, IPG also provides client publishers access to marketing programs focusing on the nation's independent booksellers at deeply discounted rates.

Since more than half of the total sale of books is now outside of the ordinary book trade, IPG offers targeted marketing services for each of our different distribution programs in order to meet the particular needs of various kinds of publishers and market segments. All of these programs benefit from IPG’s very powerful back office and IT capabilities. All titles are sold to accounts in and out of the trade, and when appropriate, are marketed to academic and specialty markets, displayed at trade shows, and featured in specialty catalogs and marketing pieces.

International Sales