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Digital Services


IPG has been active in the eBook market since 2001, overseeing the submission, conversion, and distribution of eBook formats at the rate of 15-25 titles a day. IPG also creates the proper cover images and metadata for the eBook files.

IPG’s eBook program is a turn-key system for its client publishers. They submit—through an automated feature in the private Publisher Resources section of the IPG website—the digital file used to generate the print edition. From that point on the IPG staff is responsible for checking, storing, and disseminating the files; selecting and monitoring trading partners; negotiating the terms of trade with them; and setting the rules as to how much leeway they are allowed to give their customers in regard to viewing content before purchase and duplication after purchase.

The eBooks IPG sells directly to consumers and through affiliates are encrypted in-house using Adobe Content Server 4.0. IPG has also partnered with over 120 ebook sellers and digital aggregators to deliver and sell client publisher content worldwide. In addition to selling content to this multitude of digital sales channels, IPG has an internal digital marketing team dedicated to creating opportunities for publishers to promote their ebooks on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google, Kobo, OverDrive, and more. IPG Digital works closely with clients to increase discovery, grow awareness, and drive ebook sales.

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