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Independent Booksellers

Independent book retailers are sold to by IPG’s 38 U.S. and Canadian commission sales reps, one inside sales representative, and they are managed by IPG’s Trade Sales Manager. These reps are the premier commission reps in their countries. They have strong relationships, built over many years, with the booksellers on whom they call, and their recommendations as to appropriate titles and quantities are given careful consideration.

The IPG sales department is in frequent contact with the reps on the road as well as with the central offices maintained by each rep group to foster and facilitate sales.

The sales department generates sales to independent bookstores by:

  • Coordinating publishers' publicity efforts with the sales reps and their accounts
  • Developing sales promotions and sales strategy to generate direct sales to independent bookstores
  • Compiling and sending e-mail notifications of national and regional publicity hits for the reps
  • Confirming author events with sales reps and ensuring that books are ordered for signings
  • Providing sales materials to each rep to adequately sell in title[s] whether a galley, a sample chapter, a finished book, or a tip sheet—to supplement the catalog copy
  • Advising publishers on book-packaging, including cover designs, pricing, and titles
  •  Working with publishers to present at biannual sales conference
  • Putting together targeted bookstore lists for publishers trying to organize book launches or other special events
  • Advising publishers on co-op opportunities

Aaron Howe

Trade Sales Manager

Aaron Howe manages IPG’s relationships with four outside commission sales rep teams and oversees one inside sales representative. These sales teams call on trade accounts in both the U.S. and Canada. Aaron’s has been with IPG since 2013, and prior to his role as Trade Sales Manager he worked as a Trade Sales Associate and Special Sales Representative. He he has also worked as a bookseller and store manager and all of the roles in between.


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