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Distribution Programs

Academic and Professional Publishing

IPG Academic and Professional Publishing is a distribution program for academic and professional publishers. Publishers in this program include some of the world’s most respected professional and scholarly presses from arond the globe.

Titles in the IPG Academic and Professional Publishing program appeal to an audience that is attracted by eclectic content that has a strong point-of-view and is serious in nature. Many of these books could and are used in upper-level college courses while also demonstrating a strong appeal to specialized retailers.

IPG diligently seeks out and approaches these specialized accounts with customized sales tools. The books are also aggressively marketed to professors and academics through regular, targeted approaches. This allows us to make books available in the North American market closer to the publication date in international markets and take advantage of targeted reviews that can reach consumers through specialized academic journals and online buzz.

If you are interested in applying for distribution with IPG, please view our publisher contact information or send us a message and we will contact you shortly.

IPG Academic and Professional Publishing
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