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Building Product Lists

New title information is submitted by publishers to IPG through an automated online form located in the Publisher Resources section of the IPG website. This information—-title, author and author bio, book specifications, price, etc.—-is vetted by the IPG marketing staff, in cooperation with the publishers, to produce a clearly focused image of each title to support the salespeople in their presentations to the booksellers and their other customers.

This title data is used to generate traditional print catalogs that are all four-color throughout, very carefully designed, with contemporary covers that have been praised by the buyers to whom they are presented. Publishers pay a prorated share of the cost of the production of the catalogs in which their titles appear, but this is a very low charge for a frontlist title. Some book retailers, and many libraries, still want to buy out of a print catalog which can be marked up and passed around to various subject specialists.

But crucially, this title data also becomes part of IPG’s massive electronic catalog, which is sent once a week, as an ONIX feed, to 120 major customers. The ability to provide full and accurate electronic title information allows IPG to fully participate in the modern supply chain management techniques employed by chain stores, national wholesalers, and big-box retailers. For more on this subject, see Data Management.

Building Product Lists
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