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Digital Services

Digital Printing

IPG’s digital printing program offers more partners—and therefore more possibilities—than any other distributor. The high degree of choice allows us to create nuanced solutions for each publisher. Whether you are looking for a one-off digital print run to support an author tour, a stop-gap printing solution to keep sales flowing between offset runs, or need to maintain your zero-inventory, print-to-order business model, we have you covered. 

Available Programs:

Short Run Digital Printing

Small print jobs designed to keep your titles in stock without risking an offset print run

  • Print-ready files are distributed to the short run digital printer(s) of your choice, where they are prepped and made ready for printing.
  • IPG's sophisticated supply-chain system uses information about current title availability and rate of sale at major retailers to determine titles that are in danger of running out of stock.
  • When replenishment is needed, stock is printed on-site or printed and then shipped to our distribution center. If an order comes in, IPG picks, packs, and ships it like any other title.
  • Drop Shipment and ARC options: Need books fast? We work with you to efficiently print and deliver one-off print jobs you need anywhere in the world.


Keep your titles available between print runs and/or low-stock situations

  • Low stock situations can kill demand for new and developing titles. Millions are lost each year by publishers who cannot fulfill orders in time, resulting in vendors deprioritizing the title in their ordering and search algorithms.
  • If you find yourself out of stock between offset print runs, Print-on-Demand services can temporarily print to order so that your titles are always listed as "In Stock" at and / or major retailers connected to Ingram’s wholesale business
  • Print-on-Demand does not eliminate the need for offset print runs – it provides a stop gap measure to ensure that immediate demand for your titles is met. In this program, IPG will continue reaching out to you for stock.

Inventory Free

A hassle-free way to keep your titles available

  • Never worry about keeping you title in stock or managing your inventory – these programs will print only to firm orders for the life of your title.
  • IPG offers inventory free programs with all our POD providers. Working with IPG ensures that your titles print to order on a 2 day turn time, filling backorders from any IPG customer ordering your book, period.
  • Ingram and Amazon services are specific to just their customers. Working with these programs can ensure that an “in stock” message is always showing on Ingram’s wholesaler site and
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