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Digital Borrowing Moves Libraries Online: Spotlight on hoopla digital ›

hoopla digital is a service created by Midwest Tape, a trusted partner to public libraries for over twenty-five years and one of the largest distributors of physical audio and video media to public libraries across the globe. Here, Content Strategist Tara Carberry gives us the rundown on how hoopla brings innovation into the age of digital … Read More »

Publisher Spotlight: Central Avenue Publishing ›

Michelle Halket, Publisher, Central Avenue Publishing, shares her unique insight as a digital pioneer. We discuss the early days of digital publishing, the breadth of social media marketing, and the flexibility that comes from being an independent publisher.
IPG: Can you tell me a little about how Central Avenue Publishing was started?
Michelle Halket: Unlike many in the publishing industry, … Read More »

Frankfurt Book Fair 2015: A Recap ›

Stepping off the plane this year, we were shocked by the frigid temperatures and gloomy skies of Frankfurt. The sun didn’t appear for the entire week of the show. There were, however, plenty of bright moments as we met with our international clients and a few fantastic prospects.
Traffic was robust through our new home in … Read More »

Speeding Things Up: Publishers Weekly Illuminates Book Distribution in 2015 ›

IPG was recently highlighted in a Publishers Weekly article detailing the steps distributors take to ensure their supply chain from publisher to customer is as efficient as possible. The article, entitled “Speeding Things Up,” quoted COO Joe Matthews on how IPG has employed various new technologies to succeed in speeding up the supply chain, and … Read More »

An Interview with the Director of Small Press United ›

CM:     I’m here with Richard T. Williams, who is in charge of IPG’s Small Press United distribution program. As I understand it, Richard, we’ve had a small press program for twenty-some years. What makes this one more pertinent to the industry today?
RTW:   A few years ago we realized the small press industry was really booming. … Read More »

eBook Bundling & Supporting a Diverse Retailer Ecosystem ›

In a previous blog post about the action at BEA I remarked that, “The hall was alive with e-book and e-commerce solutions and propositions that are really beginning to make sense. The geeks now know enough about the actual business of books to go after some real problems and opportunities.”
It turns out that this was … Read More »

How to Keep Your Local Bookseller in Business ›

In my blog post “3 Big Takeaways from Book Expo America”, I mentioned that “a startup called Zola Books has developed a user-friendly way to deal with the issue of ‘showrooming’—the term we use to describe what happens when a customer at a bricks-and-mortar bookstore looks over the titles on display and then orders a … Read More »

An Update on Amazon and a New Direction for Gone Publishing ›

IPG and Amazon have agreed on terms. As of Friday, May 25th, the 5,000 IPG Kindle titles that were taken down in late February have been put back up on the Amazon site, plus an additional 500 new Kindle titles prepared by IPG over the last three months have been added. To help make up … Read More »

The Trouble with eBooks: A Recap ›

Most of the blog posts put up in this space over the last two months have circled around three very major issues in regard to eBooks. Here they are, together with an account of what if any progress has been made in resolving each of them.
eBook Distribution: What’s the Deal?:
“No one who is really privy … Read More »

The Oxymoronic Notion of Digital Content: Part II ›

In the previous post, it was argued that the cost of the content of eBooks cannot be reduced much because the making of it is deeply artisanal in nature. Since content is in no deep sense digital, producing it at a high level cannot be automated, which is where important cost savings could have been … Read More »