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IPG Publisher Spotlight: blue manatee press ›

Dr. John Hutton, renowned child development researcher, pediatrician, literacy expert, author, and owner of blue manatee press and blue manatee children’s bookstore, sits down to discuss how he broke into the publishing industry, his work with The Reach Out and Read Program, and the effect that digital readers have on the brain development of a child.
IPG: … Read More »

An Interview with the Director of Small Press United ›

CM:     I’m here with Richard T. Williams, who is in charge of IPG’s Small Press United distribution program. As I understand it, Richard, we’ve had a small press program for twenty-some years. What makes this one more pertinent to the industry today?
RTW:   A few years ago we realized the small press industry was really booming. … Read More »

CEO Weighs In: “Authors Sue Self-Publishing Platform Author Solutions” ›

The big shoe that I was certain would drop just did:

Three authors have filed suit against self-publishing service provider Author Solutions, and its parent company Penguin, airing a laundry list of complaints and alleging the company is not a publisher so much as a “vanity press.” — PW May 1, 2013

I have no special insight … Read More »