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SEO Best Practices: On-Page SEO Checklist ›

This checklist was created by Orbit Media Studios‘s Marketing Manager, Amanda Gant.

I originally wrote this as a guideline document just for Orbit clients, but I figured “Hey, who doesn’t love a good checklist? I should share this with the world!” So here we are.
Below are eight tips on SEO best practices for on-page optimization. Let’s get … Read More »

An Interview with Our Vice President of Digital Services ›

Curt: I’m here with Clark Matthews, who’s in charge of everything digital at IPG. We’re going to talk about selling books directly to consumers. So, Clark, give us the overview of the challenges and the solutions.
Clark: I’m going to start with the technical hurdles. In order to sell directly to a consumer, you need to … Read More »

An Interview With Our Digital Marketing Manager ›

Curt Matthews, CEO of Independent Publishers Group, sits down with Lauren Klouda, IPG’s Digital Marketing Manager, to talk about the challenges and opportunities of e-book marketing.
Curt Matthews: Lauren, you are our Digital Marketing Manager, and this is a very strange sort of job, a sales job truly. When we send our guy in to sell … Read More »

Finding New Customers for Indie Books ›

I have been commenting in this space about the uses and abuses of data. Here is an example of a good use, a set of surprising facts that come not from the big five publishers whose doings get all the media attention, but rather from IPG’s data warehouse, which accurately reflects the real world of … Read More »

3 Big Takeaways from Book Expo America 2013 for Independent Publishers ›

At the big book convention in New York, we saw old friends and made new ones against the backdrop of one of publishing’s biggest powwows. I also observed some very exciting things happening for the indie publishing community.
There were many more indie presses in attendance than has been the case for the last four years … Read More »

Information Technology That Works ›

I have been drawing attention in this blog to new publishing-related software that over-promises and under-delivers: authoring platforms that are not actually going to make anybody into an author; self-publishing programs that will not turn an author into a publisher overnight; social media schemes that really just amount to fraud or deception rather than legitimate … Read More »