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IPG Staff’s Top Picks – Spring 2019

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IPG’s Spring 2019 catalog brings another wonderful collection of titles that we can’t stop talking about. Here, our staff have selected a few favorites they recommend checking out!

All of our Spring 2019 catalogs can be viewed here.


If the Ice Had Held
By Wendy J. Fox (Santa Fe Writer’s Project)

“Santa Fe Writer’s Projects’ If the Ice Had Held is a lyrical family drama set in small-town Colorado. The book has received tons of praise from the trades—Kirkus calls it “eloquent tale-spinning lit by unshowy portraiture”—and from major media outlets like Buzzfeed. I’m excited to continue spotlighting this title (and its amazing publisher) whenever I get the opportunity!”

—Emily Parenti, Content Marketing Coordinator


The Wild Wombat
By Udo Weigelt (Minedition)

“The story opens with the news of a wild Wombat from Australia coming to live at the Zoo. The parrot over- hears the Zookeepers talking and has a totally different idea what a Wombat could be- he passes along the news to the Seal and the story takes on a new image. This follows the old game of telephone, and by the time Kangaroo is told he really doesn’t know what the creature is that is arriving, so he plays along and passes the image! The animals are all in fear of the newcomer. With internal flaps and great artwork it makes the story flow from one animal to another. Of course the Parrot is the first to greet him- but cannot figure out where all the others have gone! A GREAT read-a-loud and a good lesson- made for a class or single child conversation at the end? How did it all happen?”

—Karen Adler, Education Sales Representative


Irish Gothic Fairy Stories
By Steve Lally and Paula Flynn (The History Press)

“I’m pretty excited for Irish Gothic Fairy Stories. I’m a huge fan of gothic stories and of fairy tales, and I love that this book covers stories from each of the 32 counties across Ireland, and not just from one area. Also, the cover is gorgeous and will definitely look amazing on my shelf.”


—Elizabeth Kepsel, List Development Supervisor, Trafalgar Square Publishing


Descendant of the Crane
By Joan He (Albert Whitman & Company)

“Descendant of the Crane from Albert Whitman more than lives up to the hype it’s been getting. With lots of unexpected plot twists, author Joan He totally kept me on my feet. I loved the way she wove Chinese mythology and history into her story to create a rich world with interesting and morally complex characters. I can’t wait to read her next one!”



—Travis Hale, Sales Associate, National Accounts


Diary of a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star
By Ian Hunter (Omnibus Press)

“Ian Hunter is a legend and this is him in his own words. And this title gives you the opportunity to say “Mott the Hoople” as often as you like which aside from being a kickass band is also fun to say. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one.”




Winter Poems from Eagle Pond
By Donald Hall, Illustrated by Barry Moser (Wings Press)

“If someone wants to buy this for me as a present I’d be most appreciative. Donald Hall was the US Poet Laureate and absolutely prolific. This is a limited edition title and when stock goes it’s gone. This is one you would want on your shelf forever.”




By Melody C. Peugh, Illustrated by Liddie Ull (Flashlight Press)

“This one had me with the cover. The nod to Where the Wild Things are is wonderful. The purple elephant is adorable, and the cover gives nice warm feels. Excited for my nephew to read this one.”


—Gabe Cohen, List Development Coordinator


Mom Loves Little Jumbo
By Yasushi Muraki
Are You My Monster?
By Amanda Noll,
Illustrated by Howard McWilliam
Cats in Hats
Descendant of the Crane
By Joan He
(Albert Whitman & Company)
Dutch Girl
By Robert Matzen,
Foreword by Luca Dotti
(GoodKnight Books)
Diary o a Wimpy Wean
By Jeff Kinney,
Translated by Thomas Clark
(Black & White Publishing)


Selected by Lara Alexander, National Accounts Manager


Unschooled: Raising Curious, Well-Educated Children Outside the Conventional Classroom
By Kerry McDonald, Foreword by Peter Gray (Chicago Review Press)

“My oldest child is about to start kindergarten this fall, so I was excited to read Unschooled: Raising Curious, Well-Educated Children Outside the Conventional Classroom. While he will be attending a standard public school, I found the book contained a lot of useful information I can apply to his learning at home beyond his school day. I think parents hoping to make an impact on their children’s school day will find this book helpful!”


Yes, I Can Listen! 
By Steve Metzger, Illustrated by Susan Szecsi (Chicago Review Press)

“I also am so thrilled about the upcoming Yes, I Can Listen! The illustrations are absolutely charming, and the simple rhymes make this one that’s actually fun to read with your child. Author Steve Metzger and illustrator Susan Szecsi are a dream team on this book.”


—Michelle Williams, Managing Editor, Chicago Review Press



My Mama is A Mechanic
By Doug Cenko (Blue Manatee Press)

“The follow-up to Doug Cenko’s smash hit My Papa is a Princess, from blue manatee press, is such a sweet and wonderful picture book. The scenes of the little boy seeing his mom as his superhero, a monster truck driver, a surgeon, and more are heartwarming and refreshingly baulk many parental gender stereotypes. It’s one of those children’s books you want to hug as you tell people about it because it’s that special.”


Fallen Mountains
By Kimi Cunningham Grant (Amberjack Publishing)

“The reviews that have been pouring in for Fallen Mountain from Amberjack Publishing puts it at the top of my to-be-read pile. A missing person several in the town would sooner see stay missing, long buried secrets, and an atmospheric setting deepening the sense suspense and mistrust… I can’t wait to dig in!”



—Lauren Klouda, Director of Marketing



America City
By Chris Beckett (Atlantic Books, LTD.)

“This is top notch speculative fiction that explores an extended view of current fears allowed to run rampant: escalated climate crises, reliance upon purchased artificial intelligence as social network influencers, resulting political power, questions of personal authenticity and ultimately survival.”


—Jason Reasoner, Sales Associate

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