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IPG Staff’s Top Picks – Fall 2018

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Our Fall 2018 catalog season is in full swing, and we couldn’t be happier. Here, our staff shares some of the titles they’re most excited to flip through this season.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Click here to view our current catalogs.


Hollywood Godfather by W.R. Wilkerson, III (Chicago Review Press, Sept 2018)

“Telling the story of his father, one of Hollywood’s most infamous characters of the 20th century, Hollywood Godfather is a fascinating tale of power and corruption in Tinseltown and the man who brought the mob to Hollywood, helped invent Las Vegas, and who ruined as many careers as he created. This is a captivating read for anyone interested in Hollywood’s golden age!”

—Michael Riley, Vice President, Sales


Sound Pictures by Kenneth WomackSound Pictures by Kenneth Womack (Chicago Review Press, Sept 2018)

Sound Pictures is part two of Kenneth Womack’s biography of Beatles’ producer, George Martin. I’ve been a Beatles fan all my life, and I’ve developed a real interest—call it “obsession,” if you wish—in Martin’s work and creative thought process. So I’m really looking forward to reading Sound Pictures as soon as it comes out in September!”

—Richard Fox, Bibliographic Data Associate


My Papa is a Princess by Doug CenkoMy Papa is a Princess by Doug Cenko (blue manatee press, Sept 2018)

“I’m excited for My Papa is a Princess from blue manatee. I love children’s books that break down gender stereotypes and portray positive images of fathers in care-giving roles.”

—Lara Alexander, National Accounts Manager, Amazon


Goose of Hermogenes by Ithell ColquhounSpiritual Compass by Satish Kumar (Green Books, Aug 2018)

Goose of Hermogenes by Ithell Colquhoun (Peter Owen Publishing, Nov 2018)

On Spiritual Compass: “Meeting Satish Kumar nearly twenty years ago, I was struck by his quiet sincerity. I enjoy the sense of calm his teachings lend.” On Goose of Hermogenes: “Dreams, surrealism, the occult, and the author/artist’s original alchemical paintings: what’s not to like?”

—Jason Reasoner, Sales Associate


Becoming Emily by Krystyna Poray GodduBecoming Emily by Krystyna Poray Goddu (Chicago Review Press, Feb 2019)

“Of the many fantastic middle-grade titles on this season’s list, I’m very excited for Becoming Emily. As in her earlier book A Girl Called Vincent, author Krystyna Poray Goddu again applies an evenhanded, kid-friendly approach to this intimate biography. Die-hard Dickinson fans and new initiates alike will be drawn in by the many quotes from Emily’s passionate correspondence and poetry, which create a vivid portrayal of a fascinating woman. There was so much more to Emily than her popular image as a shy recluse would lead us to believe!”

—Ellen Hornor, Project Editor, Chicago Review Press


All Roads Lead to Blood by Bonnie ChauAll Roads Lead to Blood by Bonnie Chau (Santa Fe Writer’s Project, Sept 2018)

All Roads Lead to Blood, like so many of SFWP’s short story collections, highlights experiences that often go overlooked by bigger publishers. These stories explore the lives of second-generation Chinese-American young women as they navigate both love and alienation, heritage and individuality. Author Bonnie Chau has published work in some of my favorite journals, and her debut collection is already racking up glowing trade reviews—so this is an IPG title I won’t miss.”

—Emily Parenti, Marketing Associate


Biographic Bowie by Liz FlavellBiographic Bowie by Liz Flavell (Ammonite Press, Oct 2018)

“I’m so excited for the Biographic series, which completely flips the traditional biography on its head; offering a completely original way to absorb the many facts and stories behind your favorite artist, writers, politicians, musicians, and pop culture icons. While the series is filled with compelling and influential subjects, the stand-out for me is Bowie! Look at that cover, so perfect!!! From breaking down Bowie’s accumulation of #1 singles to exploring his ever-changing wardrobe to illustrating the vast variety of instruments he played, this book is an essential for any Bowie fan.”

—Josh Rowe, Special Sales Manager


B is for Baller by James Littlejohn, Illustrated by Matthew Shipley (Triumph Books, Oct 2018)

B is for Baller is the rare children’s book that adults won’t be able to put down. The fun, stylish illustrations capture the spirit of their subjects, invoking a passionate response from basketball fans (I printed out the Michael Jordan illustration and have it pinned up at my desk). This book allows parents to introduce their kids to the history of basketball and develop a lifelong bond through a shared love of the game.”

—Sam Ofman, Publicist


There’s a Hole in My Garden by James Stewart (Albert Whitman & Company, Sept 2018)

“What do you do with a hole that suddenly appears in one’s garden? Why naturally, you throw things down it to see what grows! And with that premise the story is off, where the stakes mount for the young protagonist as the seasons pass and the months go by without any of the objects he’s planted taking seed. Undeterred he persists, he tries harder, ever becoming more inventive along the way. This is a book filled with playful text and magnificent black and white line drawings on one side, and on the other the splendid contrast of beautifully rendered color illustrations (which contain hidden gems for the inquisitive). Yes, with imagination, humor, and ingenuity James Stewart’s new picture book There’s a Hole in My Garden delights the cockles of this old book monger’s heart, and perhaps teaches us that the way to fill a hole that keeps growing larger is not by filling it with material objects, but by reaching for the sky…and catching a star.”

—Aaron Howe, Trade Sales Manager


Ignite the Stars by Maura Milan (Albert Whitman & Company, Sept 2018)

“I loved Ignite the Stars from Albert Whitman. Fast paced and engaging, it read like a movie.”

—Mindi Reiff, National Accounts Manager, Wholesale


Eating the Pacific Northwest by Darrin Nordahl (Chicago Review Press, Sept 2018)

“I’m looking forward to trying out a few recipes from Eating the Pacific Northwest this fall. I may not be able to trek to Lummi Island to dine at The Willows, but perhaps I can armchair travel to the PNW via a dinner of Buttermilk Fried Oysters with Truffled Remoulade with a Marionberry Cocktail.”

—Michelle Williams, Managing Editor, Chicago Review Press


The Gothic Stories of H. P. Lovecraft by H.P. Lovecraft (British Library Publishing, Nov 2018)

“Cthulhu plus British Library’s brilliant cover artwork? Match made in horror heaven.”

—Leanna Gruhn, Publicist


This I Know: Marketing Lessons from Under the Influence with Terry O’Reilly by Terry O’Reilly (Chicago Review Press, Sept 2018)

Unicorns, Dragons and More Fantasy Amigurumi (Meteoor Books, Nov 2018)

Both fans of his Under the Influence podcast as well as those looking to expand their marketing acumen in creative and inspiring ways will thoroughly enjoy the insights veteran marketer Terry O’Reilly shares in his new book out from Chicago Review Press on September 1st. You glean clever ideas to promote smarter and connect with their audiences more deeply. Plus the anecdotes and stories shared make for really interesting conversation starters and surprising trivia. As for Unicorns, Dragons and More Fantasy Amigurumi, it is the most adorable crafting book I think I’ve ever seen. Meteoor’s step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and crafters will love the opportunity to create mermaids and unicorns and baby dragons from these unique patterns —makes for a great Stitch’n’B*tch night or a crafting book club at library or bookstore.”

—Lauren Klouda, Director, Marketing


Woman of Substances by Jenny Valentish (Head of Zeus, Sept 2018)

“Reveling in the rise of medical memoirs written by women, I’m very excited to read Woman of Substances by Jenny Valentish. Part memoir, part neuro study, the book takes a deep dive into the heavily gendered pathways that lead women into drug use, offering a female-focused study of addiction and rehabilitation. Bonus: the book also calls out the medical research gender gap, discussing the ways in which women experience drugs and alcohol differently than men, and how that’s being overlooked in current drug studies.”

—Hailey Peterson, Publicity Associate


Sound Pictures by Kenneth Womack (Chicago Review Press, Sept 2018)

“As a massive Beatles fan, I can’t wait to read this magical music biography about the life and career of producer George Martin. Covering his collaboration with the Fab Four on revolutionary albums like Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club and Abbey Road, as well as his post-Beatles years, this book sheds light on the man behind the band’s groundbreaking, experimental sound. A definite must-read for music lovers and Beatlemaniacs!”

—Rachel Townsend, Marketing Associate


Hollywood Godfather by W.R. Wilkerson, III (Chicago Review Press, Sept 2018)

“It looks like Hollywood Godfather will be an enlightening read with lots of inside dirt on crime and celebrity in old Hollywood. Billy Wilkerson was hugely influential in the film industry for decades but hardly anyone knows about him. Crazy! “

—Andrew Freels, Senior Marketing & Production Designer

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