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Provocative Titles for Intellectual Pursuits

IPG aggressively markets academic titles to retailers and academics through specially tailored, smaller, and more frequent sales bundles and catalogs. These tactics bring titles to the North American market closer to their overseas publication dates, maximizing the impact of media attention, online buzz, and scholarly reviews.

This collection includes some of the world's most respected scholarly presses, with titles appropriate to upper-level college courses and to retailers and libraries serving readers with serious intellectual interests.

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Featured Reviews

Pulses in the Centre of Silence >

Pulses in the Centre of Silence

"This is a Mombelli 'Real Book' collection of scores from which other musicians can work and an insight into his opus, answering questions that South African music journalism rarely asks anymore. In that context, the title couldn’t be more apt."

—Gwen Ansell, New Frame

Tread and Other Stories 

Tread and Other Stories

"Dempster’s stories do what all good short fiction should: give us characters who live and breathe and themes that braid themselves effortlessly around a memorable premise."

Read more at Quill & Quire