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Academic New & Notable

Dark Beauty
Dark Beauty >
By Lucy Costigan, By Michael Cullen
Price 45.00
Rocking the Boat
Rocking the Boat >
By Angela V. John
Price 14.95
Mallee Country
Mallee Country >
By Richard Brooome, By Charles Fahey, By Andrea Gaynor, By Katie Holmes
Price 39.95
Intersecting Views on National and International Human Rights Protection
Intersecting Views on National and International Human Rights Protection >
Edited by Roberto Chenal, Edited by Iulia Antoanella Motoc, Edited by Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos, Edited by Robert Spano
Price 159.95
Caught In Between Borders
Caught In Between Borders >
Edited by Sandra Mantu, Edited by Paul Minderhoud, By Karin Zwaan
Price 109.95
Carrick, County Wexford
Carrick, County Wexford >
Edited by Stephen Mandal, Edited by Catherine McLoughlin, Edited by Michael Potterton, Edited by Denis Shine
Price 35.00
Dragonflies and Damselflies of New Zealand
Dragonflies and Damselflies of New Zealand >
Photographs By Mike Ashbee, By Milen Marinov
Price 49.99
A River with a City Problem
A River with a City Problem >
By Margaret Cook
Price 26.95
Thatcher’s Spy
Thatcher’s Spy >
By Wilie Carlin
Price 25.00
Zulu Pottery
Zulu Pottery >
By Elizabeth Perrill
Price 13.95
My Mother, That Stranger
My Mother, That Stranger >
By Concha Alborg
Price 34.95
A Second Whisper
A Second Whisper >
By Lynne Hjelmgaard
Price 12.99
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