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Academic New & Notable

A Portrait of the Prophet
A Portrait of the Prophet >
By Imam Muhammad ibn 'Isa at-Tirmidhi, Translated by Muhtar Holland
Price 29.95
Event Marketing
Event Marketing >
By Diego Rinallo
Price 29.95
Old Villita and La Villita Continues
Old Villita and La Villita Continues >
By Lynn Maverick Denzer, By Maury Maverick
Price 16.95
This Way Slaughter
This Way Slaughter >
By Bruce Olds
Price 22.95
Anarchist Encounters
Anarchist Encounters >
By Emma Goldman, By Gaston Leval, By Angel Pestaña, By Jack Wilkens
Price 19.99
Scotland's Secret History
Scotland's Secret History >
By Daniel MacCannell, By Charles MacLean
Price 21.99
The Structural Foundations of Monetary Policy
The Structural Foundations of Monetary Policy >
Edited by Michael D. Bordo, Edited by John H. Cochrane, Edited by Amit Seru
Price 14.95
Ballast >
By Mats Burström
Price 39.95
Dancing with the King
Dancing with the King >
By Michael Belgrave
Price 65.00
Spy >
By Jonathan Ancer
Price 23.95
Sibanda and the Black Sparrowhawk
Sibanda and the Black Sparrowhawk >
By C.M. Elliot
Price 21.95
How To Read Scottish Buildings
How To Read Scottish Buildings >
By Daniel MacCannell
Price 14.99
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