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IPG aggressively markets academic titles to retailers and academics through specially tailored, smaller, and more frequent sales bundles and catalogs. These tactics bring titles to the North American market closer to their overseas publication dates, maximizing the impact of media attention, online buzz, and scholarly reviews.

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Renamed IPG Academic and Professional Publishing in 2016, this collection includes some of the world's most respected scholarly presses, with titles appropriate to upper-level college courses and to retailers and libraries serving readers with serious intellectual interests.

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Updated October 9, 2017

Come Let Us Sing Anyway >

Come Let Us Sing Anyway

"There is a sense that anything can happen to lovers in this collection: hearts are sliced like deli meat, hymens scattered like fleshy confetti, and a woman waits patiently for her beloved's [wife] - his restaurant - to let them be together. It's a mischievous collection - sensual, explicit, violent, brooding and playful...demonstrating the breadth of her dazzling imagination..."


Folly and Malice >

Folly and Malice

“This painstaking and meticulous piece of scholarship offers a challenge to some widely-held assumptions about the events which led up to the outbreak of World War One … This book has been a revelation to me and, whilst it might be considered controversial in some quarters, its challenge to existing thinking makes it a very significant contribution to the continuing debate about the causes of the Great War.”

—The Historian

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