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IPG aggressively markets academic titles to retailers and academics through specially tailored, smaller, and more frequent sales bundles and catalogs. These tactics bring titles to the North American market closer to their overseas publication dates, maximizing the impact of media attention, online buzz, and scholarly reviews.

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Renamed River North Editions in 2011, this collection includes some of the world's most respected scholarly presses, with titles appropriate to upper-level college courses and to retailers and libraries serving readers with serious intellectual interests.

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Updated May 1, 2015

The Calculus of Falling Bodies >

"Geoff Rips is a writer’s writer. He is a novelist, a journalist, speech writer, grant writer, script writer and, now, with the publication of The Calculus of Falling Bodies, we are presented with his first poetry collection. Inspired by nature, work and politics, and with his family as his muse, it is a fine debut."

The Orchid Boat >

"Harwood’s poems are carried across many horizons by his lightness of touch ... he zooms in and out, from the intimate and immediate to more distantly viewed landscapes and panoramas involving dream, memory, historical incident, all of which freely, and somehow effortlessly, intermingle."

-London Review of Books