Academic New & Notable

Losing the Plot
Losing the Plot >
By Leon De Kock
Price 34.99
Only Two For Everest
Only Two For Everest >
By Lynley McKinnon
Price 39.99
Poems Without Irony
Poems Without Irony >
By Alex Wong
Price 13.00
Shark Tracker
Shark Tracker >
By Richard Fitzpatrick
Price 29.99
Students Must Rise
Students Must Rise >
Edited by Anne Heffernan, Edited by Noor Nieftagodien
Price 29.95
The Frangipani Gardens
The Frangipani Gardens >
By Barbara Hanrahan
Price 16.95
Hamba Sugar Daddy
Hamba Sugar Daddy >
Price 17.95
Blue Cow Sky
Blue Cow Sky >
By Peter Church
Price 14.95
City Dreamers
City Dreamers >
By Graeme Davison
Price 35.00
My Mother and the Hungarians
My Mother and the Hungarians >
By Frankie McMillan
Price 18.00
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