Academic New & Notable

The Mystery of the Real
The Mystery of the Real >
By Jeffrey Meyers
Price 39.95
The Lady of the Lake
The Lady of the Lake >
By Stuart Kelly, By Walter Scott
Price 14.95
Keeping the Jewel in the Crown
Keeping the Jewel in the Crown >
By Walter Reid
Price 28.99
Manager Onboarding
Manager Onboarding >
By Sharlyn Lauby
Price 39.95
The Venison Bible
The Venison Bible >
By Nichola Fletcher
Price 7.95
The Intervention
The Intervention >
By Anita Heiss, By Rosie Scott
Price 29.99
American Individualism
American Individualism >
By Herbert Hoover, Introduction by George H. Nash
Price 6.95
#UntitledTwo: Neu! Reekie!
#UntitledTwo: Neu! Reekie! >
By Michael Pedersen, By Kevin Williamson
Price 18.95
The Best Canadian Essays 2016
The Best Canadian Essays 2016 >
Edited by Christopher Doda, By Joseph Kertes
Price 17.95
Loud Music Makes You Drive Faster
Loud Music Makes You Drive Faster >
By Mark Blayney
Price 11.95
The Secret Agent
The Secret Agent >
By Anonymous Anonmyous
Price 14.95
The Way It Was
The Way It Was >
By Catherine Czerkawska
Price 18.95
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