Academic New & Notable

The Principles of the Creed
The Principles of the Creed >
Translated by Khalid Williams
Price 26.95
Scottish Baking
Scottish Baking >
By Sue Lawrence
Price 18.95
Lie of the Land
Lie of the Land >
By Michael F. Russell
Price 13.95
Sensitive Objects
Sensitive Objects >
Edited by Jonas Frykman, Edited by Maja Povrzanovic Frykman
Price 49.95
The Chain Bridge Honey Bible
The Chain Bridge Honey Bible >
By Liz Ashworth
Price 7.95
Life Behind the Mask
Life Behind the Mask >
By Didier Mouturat
Price 34.95
Three Tides
Three Tides >
By Cecile Pineda
Price 17.95
Holy Literary License
Holy Literary License >
By Robert Lopez Flynn
Price 16.95
Bozuk >
By Linda Rogers
Price 17.95
The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2016
The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2016 >
By Helen Humphreys, Edited by Anita Lahey, Edited by Molly Peacock
Price 17.95
Songs Upon the Rivers
Songs Upon the Rivers >
By Michel Bouchard, By Robert Foxcurran, By Sébastien Malette
Price 34.95
The Way of Art
The Way of Art >
By Stephen Zeifman
Price 15.95
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