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Triumph Books Celebrates 30th Anniversary!

September 4, 2019

CHICAGO, IL — Triumph Books, the leader in sports publishing and one of two in-house publishers owned by Independent Publishers Group (IPG), is celebrating its 30th anniversary throughout 2019. Based in Chicago, Triumph Books has established itself as the preeminent publisher of sports books in the United States and Canada, bringing 80 to 90 new titles to the market every year. 

Launched as a one-man operation focused on reference books by Mitch Rogatz in 1989, Triumph established itself as the leading publisher of “instant” books in June 1997 when it published the best-selling commemorative book Quest for the Cup, which hit store shelves throughout Michigan within days of the Red Wings’ Stanley Cup-clinching win. 

Triumph eventually joined IPG in 2011. Early in 2019, former Associate Publisher Noah Amstadter was promoted to Publisher. Triumph continues to uphold its legacy of adapting to the changing publishing landscape, while staying true to the formulas that have long been the publisher’s bailiwick – regional sports books and the release of championship “instant” books within one week of major sporting events.  

 “Triumph’s regional sports titles give respected writers and broadcasters a book-length canvas to share intimate stories about a professional team or university as only they can,” says Amstadter.  “And our beautiful, full-color commemorative books are perfect gifts for fans, both in the moments of elation following a championship and to celebrate a century of history on the gridiron.” 

True to form, Triumph will release 100th anniversary commemorative hardcover books for the NFL (NFL 100) and Green Bay Packers (100 Years in Titletown) in 2019. Additionally, 2019 is no exception to Triumph’s proud history of publishing memoirs with A-list sports personalities. Autobiographies from Baseball Hall of Fame inductee Edgar Martinez (Edgar: An Autobiography), former NBA MVP Derrick Rose (I’ll Show You), NBC Sports hockey analyst and cancer survivor Eddie Olczyk (Eddie Olczyk: Beating the Odds in Hockey and in Life) and NHL Hall of Famers Nicklas Lidstrom (Nicklas Lidstrom: The Pursuit of Perfection) and Teemu Selanne (Teemu) are set to release this year. 

“As we celebrate Triumph Books’ 30th anniversary, our 2019 list perfectly achieves Triumph’s mission to publish books that celebrate and inform on topics readers are passionate about,” says Amstadter. 

 Triumph also continues to publish full-color books on the entertainment industry, featuring new gaming books in 2019 on Fortnite, Apex Legends and Roblox and entertainers such as BTS, JoJo Siwa and Ariana Grande.  

About Triumph Books and Independent Publishers Group:
Triumph Books is the nation’s leading sports book publisher, producing a wide range of titles—from biographies, memoirs and reference books to championship commemoratives. Over the course of three decades Triumph has built and maintained relationships with the biggest names in sports and sports media, cementing its reputation as the best in the business. Independent Publishers Group was established in 1971 and was the first organization specifically created for the purpose of marketing titles from independent presses to the book trade. Today, IPG’s wide reach into the book market includes distribution of publishers with academic and professional, Spanish-language, and general trade nonfiction and fiction titles.