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Rep Team Favorites

In addition to Top Shelf, the Indie Rep team has hand-selected a few more titles they’re really excited to read & sell this season!

Rep Team Favorites

Wilderness and the American Spirit
Wilderness and the American Spirit >
By Ruby McConnell
Price 18.95
Weird Medieval Guys
Weird Medieval Guys >
By Olivia Swarthout
Price 29.99
The City Is Up for Grabs
The City Is Up for Grabs >
By Gregory Royal Pratt
Price 28.99
Soups >
By Maggie Ramsay
Price 24.99
Mr. Jimmy From Around the Way
Mr. Jimmy From Around the Way >
By Jeffrey Blount
Price 24.95
The Case of Cem
The Case of Cem >
Translated by Angela Rodel, By Vera Mutafchieva
Price 21.95
Someone Like Her
Someone Like Her >
By Awais Khan
Price 16.99