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Announcing IPG’s Spring 2024 Top Shelf

Our staff picks from the best international & indie presses

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Top Shelf Spring 2024

Turn Your Scary Upside Down
Turn Your Scary Upside Down >
By Andy Hardiman
Price 17.99
Clyde the Greyhound
Clyde the Greyhound >
By Beck Feiner, By Robin Feiner
Price 18.99
Wild Family
Wild Family >
By Ben Lerwill
Price 22.99
Marv and the Blizzard Zone
Marv and the Blizzard Zone >
By Alex Falase-Koya
Price 7.99
Victoria Stitch: Bad and Glittering
Victoria Stitch: Bad and Glittering >
By Harriet Muncaster
Price 8.99
Hamlet is Not OK
Hamlet is Not OK >
By RA Spratt
Price 15.99
A Different Kind of Brave
A Different Kind of Brave >
By Lee Wind
Price 12.99
Penny Bloods
Penny Bloods >
Edited by Nicole C. Dittmer
Price 24.99
Bored Gay Werewolf
Bored Gay Werewolf >
By Tony Santorella
Price 24.99
Blue Notes
Blue Notes >
By Anne Cathrine Bomann, Translated by Caroline Waight
Price 20.00
The Hive
The Hive >
By Scarlett Brade
Price 15.99
The Murmurs
The Murmurs >
By Michael J. Malone
Price 16.99
3D Street Art
3D Street Art >
By Erni Vales
Price 27.99
A Seat at the Table
A Seat at the Table >
By Glenn L. Starks, By F. Erik Brooks
Price 30.00
Mary Makes it Easy
Mary Makes it Easy >
By Mary Berry
Price 50.00
More Is More Décor
More Is More Décor >
By Siobhan Murphy
Price 40.00
Cleopatra and the Undoing of Hollywood
Cleopatra and the Undoing of Hollywood >
By Patrick Humphries
Price 29.99
Searching in St. Andrews
Searching in St. Andrews >
By Sean Zak
Price 28.00