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IPG Top Shelf Summer 2024

Summer 2024 IPG Top Shelf

Size Wise
Size Wise >
By Camilla de la Bedoyere, Illustrated by Vasilisa Romanenko
Price 19.99
Our Rights!
Our Rights! >
Edited by Jake Hope, Illustrated by Chih-An Chen, Illustrated by Habiba Nabisubi, Illustrated by Ruthine Burton
Price 19.99
Bear and Duck are Friends
Bear and Duck are Friends >
By Sue deGennaro
Price 17.99
Mo's Best Friend
Mo's Best Friend >
Illustrated by Bridget Marzo
Price 19.99
Gordon >
By Alex Latimer
Price 7.99
Disney Manga: Stitch! The Manga Collection
Disney Manga: Stitch! The Manga Collection >
By (artist) Yumi Tsukurino
Price 14.99
Mo's Best Friend
Mo's Best Friend >
Illustrated by Bridget Marzo
Price 19.99
City of Stolen Magic
City of Stolen Magic >
By Nazneen Ahmed Pathak
Price 14.99
Folk Tales of the Night
Folk Tales of the Night >
By Chris Salisbury
Mother Knows Best
Mother Knows Best >
Edited by Lindy Ryan, Foreword by Sadie Mother Horror Hartmann
Price 15.95
Dead Drunk
Dead Drunk >
Edited by Pam Lock
Price 16.99
The Last Witch of Scotland
The Last Witch of Scotland >
By Philip Paris
Price 14.99
Three Burials
Three Burials >
By Anders Lustgarten
Price 28.99
Yule Island
Yule Island >
By Johana Gustawsson, Translated by David Warriner
Price 26.99
Nauetakuan, a Silence for a Noise
Nauetakuan, a Silence for a Noise >
By Natasha Kanapé Fontaine, Translated by Howard Scott
Price 20.00
Pointe of Pride
Pointe of Pride >
By Chloe Angyal
Price 18.99
Proxy Mom
Proxy Mom >
Illustrated by [no first name] Mathou, By Sophie Adriansen
Price 19.99
Monsters, Martyrs, and Marionettes
Monsters, Martyrs, and Marionettes >
By Adrienne Gruber
Price 20.00
Beyond Inclusion
Beyond Inclusion >
By Carrie Cherney Hahn
Price 18.99
Finding Your Third Place
Finding Your Third Place >
By Richard Kyte
Price 19.95
Ground Control
Ground Control >
By Savannah Mandel
Price 28.99
The Black Widow
The Black Widow >
By Jeanette Lee, By Dana Benbow
Price 30.00
The Wisdom of Birds
The Wisdom of Birds >
By Alison Davies
Price 16.99
Baseball: The Movie
Baseball: The Movie >
By Noah Gittell, Foreword by John Sayles
Price 30.00