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Online Services

Publisher Resources

A private section of the IPG website is devoted to the specific needs of client publishers. This password protected portion of the site provides detailed instructions and advice on a multitude of publisher concerns, including recommended printers, major trade and library review publication contacts, a 101 series on book publicity, e-book and POD information, and more. This area also acts as a portal for client publishers looking to view our array of online sales reports. Prospective publishers can log onto a limited version of the Publisher Resources area for a sample of the tools and information on offer there.

Online Forms for Publisher Data

This publisher resources area also offers access to an array of detailed, carefully structured online forms. These forms allow publishers to quickly and easily submit their title data, which ensures that the information in IPG's title database is accurate, current, and consistent. Likewise, book reviews and database corrections can be entered into this section of the website so that they can enrich the title information IPG sends to Amazon and other web-based customers, and also can appear in the many specialty catalogs IPG creates every publishing season.


IPG generates an e-newsletter for each of its distribution programs. These frequent e-newsletters convey company news, industry news of interest, tips for publicity and PR, and calls from industry publications for submissions of special information.

IPG also generates several public-facing newsletters aimed at specific elements of the book trade. Newsletters are available for both the Library and Professional and Academic markets from this website.