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Online Publisher Resources

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A private section of the IPG website is devoted to the specific needs of client publishers. This password-protected portion of the site provides detailed instructions and advice on a multitude of publisher concerns, including recommended printers, major trade and library review publication contacts, a 101 series on book publicity, e-book and POD information, and more. This area also acts as a portal for client publishers looking to view our array of online sales reports.

Prospective publishers can log on to a limited version of the Publisher Resources area for a sample of the tools and information offered there.

Note: this area is designed to provide a taste of IPG's online services. Some areas and links will be restricted or disabled and are intended for client publishers only.

How to Log In: 

  1. Visit
  2. Enter in username: Prospective Publisher
  3. Enter in password: prospective

Sample Reports

If you would prefer not to log in to our online resources area, you can also view screenshots of our major sale reports by clicking on the links below.

Current Inventory On Hand SampleCurrent Inventory On Hand

Sales Summary by Title Sample

Sales Summary by Title


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