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New & Notable May 2024

The Law Of Birthdays
The Law Of Birthdays >
Illustrated by Marina Kondrakhina, By Brenna Jeanneret
Price 18.95
Monsters, Martyrs, and Marionettes
Monsters, Martyrs, and Marionettes >
By Adrienne Gruber
Price 20.00
I Dreamed I Was an Afterthought
I Dreamed I Was an Afterthought >
By Allie Duff
Price 17.95
The Philosopher Stories
The Philosopher Stories >
By Jerry Levy
Price 18.95
The Last Green Light
The Last Green Light >
By George Foy
Price 18.95
Ortiga y hueso
Ortiga y hueso >
By T. Kingfisher.
Price 20.95
The Harvest
The Harvest >
By Diego Rauda
Price 19.99
Our Rights!
Our Rights! >
Edited by Jake Hope, Illustrated by Chih-An Chen, Illustrated by Habiba Nabisubi, Illustrated by Ruthine Burton
Price 19.99
Rare Gems
Rare Gems >
By Howard Megdal
Price 28.00
These Songs I Know By Heart
These Songs I Know By Heart >
By Erin Brubacher
Price 20.00
Kitty and the Vanishing Act
Kitty and the Vanishing Act >
By Paula Harrison, Illustrated by Jenny Løvlie
Price 7.99
One Year's Time
One Year's Time >
By Angela Milne
Price 16.99
With Love, Mommie Dearest
With Love, Mommie Dearest >
By A. Ashley Hoff, Foreword by Bruce Vilanch
Price 19.99
Mars Awakens
Mars Awakens >
By HM Waugh
Price 15.99
Trixie Pickle Art Avenger
Trixie Pickle Art Avenger >
By Olaf Falafel
Price 9.99
Halfway House
Halfway House >
By Helen FitzGerald
Price 16.99
Pow! >
By Neil Clark
Price 9.99
Dusty in the Outwilds
Dusty in the Outwilds >
By Rhiannon Williams
Price 18.99
The Untamed Thread
The Untamed Thread >
By Fleur Woods
Price 27.99
Life Lessons from Literature
Life Lessons from Literature >
By Joseph Piercy
Price 19.99
Song of the Samurai
Song of the Samurai >
By C. A. Parker
Price 19.99
prettycityparis: The Colouring Book
prettycityparis: The Colouring Book >
By Siobhan Ferguson, Illustrated by Lucy Hester
Price 24.99
Dancing in the Shallows
Dancing in the Shallows >
By Clare Reddaway
Price 13.99
Size Wise
Size Wise >
By Camilla de la Bedoyere, Illustrated by Vasilisa Romanenko
Price 19.99
Baseball: The Movie
Baseball: The Movie >
By Noah Gittell, Foreword by John Sayles
Price 30.00
Wild Magic
Wild Magic >
By Fern Freud
Price 36.99
Yule Island
Yule Island >
By Johana Gustawsson, Translated by David Warriner
Price 26.99
On the Edge
On the Edge >
By Ruth Vanita
Price 18.99
The Lure of Atlantis
The Lure of Atlantis >
Edited by Michael Wheatley
Price 16.99
Life, Almost
Life, Almost >
By Jennie Agg
Price 32.99
Betty Saw’s Teatime Treats
Betty Saw’s Teatime Treats >
By Betty Saw
Price 36.99
Mary Anning and Paleontology for Kids
Mary Anning and Paleontology for Kids >
By Stephanie Bearce
Price 18.99
Of Cabbages and Kimchi
Of Cabbages and Kimchi >
By James Read
Price 40.00
Pointe of Pride
Pointe of Pride >
By Chloe Angyal
Price 18.99
A Floral Feast
A Floral Feast >
By Carolyn Dunster
Price 29.99
Disobedience >
By Daniel Sarah Karasik
Price 20.00
Windows to the World
Windows to the World >
By Alice Bianchi-Clark
Price 17.99
Never Shag a Scorpio
Never Shag a Scorpio >
By BJ Lovegood
Price 19.99
City of Stolen Magic
City of Stolen Magic >
By Nazneen Ahmed Pathak
Price 14.99
Thirsty Ghosts
Thirsty Ghosts >
By Emer Martin
Price 24.99
An A-Z of Animals in the Garden
An A-Z of Animals in the Garden >
By Twigs Way
Price 21.99
Cry of the Wild
Cry of the Wild >
By Charles Foster
Price 32.99
His Favourite Graves
His Favourite Graves >
By Paul Cleave
Price 16.99
Whatever Happened to the C86 Kids?
Whatever Happened to the C86 Kids? >
By Nige Tassell
Price 18.99
Letters for Lunch!
Letters for Lunch! >
By Maree Coote
Price 24.99
Creative Nature Play
Creative Nature Play >
By Nadezhda Ostretsova
Price 26.99