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New & Notable

Discover the latest standout books from IPG publishers.

New & Notable: August, September

Persephone Made Me Do It
Persephone Made Me Do It >
By Trista Mateer
Price 16.99
Whose Samosa is it Anyway?
Whose Samosa is it Anyway? >
By Sonal Ved
Price 17.99
The Blackthorn Branch
The Blackthorn Branch >
By Elen Caldecott
Price 12.99
Just SNOW Already!
Just SNOW Already! >
Illustrated by Howard McWilliam
Price 18.95
A Feast Beneath the Moon
A Feast Beneath the Moon >
By Christiane Duchesne, By Jérôme Minière, Illustrated by Marianne Ferrer
Price 16.95
On Censorship
On Censorship >
By James LaRue
Price 16.95
Celtic Weird
Celtic Weird >
Edited by Johnny Mains
Price 24.99
Heavy is the Head
Heavy is the Head >
By Sumaya Enyegue
Price 16.99
And The Train Kept Moving
And The Train Kept Moving >
By Michael Kiggins
Price 19.99
The Children of Gods and Fighting Men
The Children of Gods and Fighting Men >
By Shauna Lawless
Price 16.99
Polywise >
By Jessica Fern, By David Cooley, Foreword by Carrie Jenkins, PhD
Price 24.95
Friday Night Lies
Friday Night Lies >
By Andrew King, By Ben Ferree
Price 28.00
Mr Impoppable
Mr Impoppable >
Illustrated by Brent Wilson, By Trent Jamieson
Price 17.99
The Mighty Goddess
The Mighty Goddess >
By Sally Pomme Clayton, Illustrated by Sophie Herxheimer
Price 24.99
Constance >
By Joseph Zigmond
Price 18.99
Polar Horrors
Polar Horrors >
Edited by John Miller
Price 16.99
Prince in Comics!
Prince in Comics! >
By Nicolas Finet, By Tony Lourenco
Price 27.99
So Pretty
So Pretty >
By Ronnie Turner
Price 16.99
Sherlock Bones and the Mystery of the Vanishing Magician
Sherlock Bones and the Mystery of the Vanishing Magician >
Illustrated by John Bigwood, By Tim Collins
Price 9.99
Together We Can
Together We Can >
By Ned Hartley, Illustrated by Studio Muti N/A
Price 19.99
Your Anxiety Journal
Your Anxiety Journal >
By Amy Birch, Illustrated by Charlotte Pepper
Price 16.99
Homesick >
By Brendan O'Brien
Price 19.99
Duplicity >
By Donna Freed
Price 24.99
Remi Bone
Remi Bone >
By William L. Myers
Price 27.95
Weather Woman
Weather Woman >
By Sally Gardner
Price 29.99
Sunburn >
By Chloe Michellq Howarth
Price 16.99
What Start Bad a Mornin'
What Start Bad a Mornin' >
By Carol Mitchell, Carol
Price 28.00
Dancing in Time
Dancing in Time >
By Robert Hylton, Foreword by Oti Mabuse
Price 40.00
Disney Manga: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas - The Battle for Pumpkin King
Disney Manga: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas - The Battle for Pumpkin King >
By (artist) Deborah Allo, By Dan Conner, By (artist) Roberto Scalia, By (artist) D.J. Milky, By (artist) Shaun McLaughlin
Price 15.99
The Forcing
The Forcing >
By Paul E. Hardisty
Price 16.99
prettycityparis >
By Siobhan Ferguson
Price 40.00
Inside the World of Bridgerton
Inside the World of Bridgerton >
By Catherine Curzon
Price 19.99
A Shell for Cleo
A Shell for Cleo >
By Gillian Spiller, Illustrated by John Lim
Price 16.99
Junior Miles and the Junkman
Junior Miles and the Junkman >
By Kevin Carey
Price 15.95