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Super Green Simple and Lean
Super Green Simple and Lean By Sally Obermeder, By Maha Koraiem

Take your Super Green Life to the next level. In their new cookbook, Super Green Simple and Lean, Sally Obermeder and Maha Koraiem have created brand new smoothie recipes, monster salads, nourishing bowls and satisfying snacks that will help you to make healthy living faster, easier and more delicious than you ever thought possible. Their nutritious, easy to make recipes will help you to lose weight, gain energy and feel fantastic. Sally and Maha can't wait for you to join them in feeling fab! Includes dual measures.
Follow Me Down to Nicodemus Town
Follow Me Down to Nicodemus Town By A. LaFaye, Illustrated by Nicole Tadgell

A family leaves behind sharecropping to settle the frontier and find a new kind of freedom. When Dede sees a notice offering land to black people in Kansas, her family decides to give up their life of sharecropping to become homesteading pioneers in the Midwest. Inspired by the true story of Nicodemus, Kansas, a town founded in the late 1870s by Exodusters—former slaves leaving the Jim Crow South in search of a new beginning—this fictional story follows Dede and her parents as they set out to stake and secure a claim, finally allowing them to have a home to call their own.
Vidas que inspiran
Vidas que inspiran By Ariela Kreimer

Discover several inspiring biographies of women who fought to make the world a better place. From Rosa Parks to Eva Peron, and from Mother Theresa to Sor Juana Ines, the lives of the historical women included in these mini biographies all set an example of how to overcome prejudice through their work with the community, achievement in the arts, scientific discoveries, or political movements. This book is a perfect complement to a social science class for teaching early readers. It takes a positive approach to the contribution of women to the progress of humanity.    Mini biografías de mujeres que nos inspiran a hacer un mundo mejor y a luchar por nuestros sueños. Desde Rosa Parks a Eva Perón, de la Madre Teresa a Sor Juana Inés, el recorrido por las biografías que plantea este libro que apunta a niños y niñas de 8-10 años, rescata en estas figuras históricas lo que las hizo sobreponerse al prejuicio y forjar un ejemplo a partir de sus vidas. El amor y el trabajo por la comunidad, la perfección en el arte, el trabajo científico o la práctica política.
The Old You
The Old You By Louise Voss

A tense Hitchcockian psychological thriller in which nothing is as it seems, every truth might be a lie, and the past looms ever larger over the present, The Old You is a nail-bitingly modern slice of domestic noir. Someone's mind is playing tricks . . . but whose? Lynn Waites gave up the job she loved when she married Ed, the love of her life, but it was worth it for the happy years they enjoyed together. Now, 10 years on, Ed has been diagnosed with early-onset dementia, and things start to happen; things more sinister than missing keys and lost words. As some memories are forgotten, other, long buried, begin to surface . . . and Lynn's perfect world begins to crumble. But is it Ed's mind playing tricks, or hers?
The Man on the Middle Floor
The Man on the Middle Floor By Elizabeth Moore

A gripping tale of interlocking yet disconnected lives, for fans of Lionel Shriver and Mark Haddon. Despite living in the same three-flat house in the suburbs of London, the residents are strangers to one another. The bottom floor is home to Tam, a recent ex-cop who spends his days drowning his sorrows in whisky. On the middle floor is Nick, a young man with Asperger's that likes to stick to his schedules and routines. The top floor belongs to Karen, a doctor and researcher that has spent her life trying to understand the rising rates of autism. They have lived their lives separately, until now, when an unsolved murder and the man on the middle floor connect them all together. Told from three points of view, this book is about disconnection in all its forms; sexual, physical, parental and emotional. It questions whether society is meeting the needs of the fast growing autistic section of society, or exacerbating it. Thought-provoking and thrilling, The Man on the Middle Floor will leave readers talking.
Untamed By The Greenville News, By Independent Mail

Untamed is the inside story of Clemson's dominant 2018 football season and second national championship in three years, featuring stunning action photography, stories, and analysis from The Greenville News and the Independent Mail. There was no holding back the Tigers in 2018. Clemson's triumph over rival Alabama in Santa Clara capped a historic 15-0 season. Behind breakout freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence, a stout defense, and a strong rushing game, Coach Dabo Swinney's team emerged as one of the nation's powerhouses with statement wins over Syracuse and Florida State before topping Pittsburgh in the ACC Championship game to earn a spot in the College Football Playoff, where they trounced Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl to set up the Championship Game rematch with Alabama. From the nail-biter against Texas A&M to the transition at quarterback to the ecstasy of the championship celebration against the Crimson Tide in 2019, Untamed is the perfect souvenir for any Tigers fan. This commemorative edition also includes features on Lawrence, Travis Etienne, the stellar defensive line, and more!
A Letter to My Children and the Children of the World to Come
A Letter to My Children and the Children of the World to Come By Raoul Vaneigem, Afterword by John Holloway, Translated by Donald Nicholson-Smith

Readers of Vaneigem's now-classic work, The Revolution of Everyday Life, will find much to challenge in these pages. Some 35 years after the May 1968 "events," this short book poses the question of what kind of world we are going to leave to our children. A Letter to My Children and the Children of the World to Come provides a clear-eyed survey of the critical predicament into which the capitalist system has now plunged the world. At the same time, in true dialectical fashion, Vaneigem discerns all the signs of "a new burgeoning of life forces among the younger generations, a new drive to reinstate true human values, to proceed with the clandestine construction of a living society beneath the barbarity of the present and the ruins of the Old World."
The Wicked Righteous
The Wicked Righteous By Terry Mayo, Illustrated by Lucas Romero

A diverse cast of characters carry a story that perfectly blends action and adventure with the post-apocalyptic genre. In post-apocalyptic San Diego, four teenage brothers rescue a mysterious young girl from a brutal gang of psychopaths and spark a chain of events that attracts an onslaught of unspeakable evil. This is the world of the Wicked and the Righteous—and the children will lead them all.
Girl in Between
Girl in Between By Anna Daniels

Life can be tricky when you're a girl in between relationships, careers and cities . . . and sometimes you have to face some uncomfortable truths. Lucy Crighton has just moved in with some gregarious housemates called Brian and Denise . . . who are her parents. She's also the proud mother of Glenda, her beloved 10-year-old . . . kelpie. And she has absolutely no interest in the dashing son of her parents' new next-door neighbor . . . well, maybe just a little. She also has to deal with her mother's obsession with Cher, her father's unsolicited advice, and the fact there's probably more cash on the floor of her parents' car than in her own bank account. Thank goodness her best friend, Rosie, is around to cushion reality, with wild nights at the local Whipcrack hotel, escapades in Japanese mud baths, and double dating under the Christmas lights in London. But will Lucy work out what she really wants to do in life and who she wants to share it with? 
2am Thoughts
2am Thoughts By Makenzie Campbell

I met you at dusk. We loved till midnight.  Then, you left me. 2am found me at my lowest.  When the sun came up, I dried my tears, found my strength, and went on with my day. The poetry of 2am Thoughts condenses an entire relationship with its untamed emotions and experiences to a single day. As the long hours of the night drag on, so does the love, heartache, and loss. When the dawn breaks, the morning sun brings acceptance, healing, and recovery.
Philip K. Dick
Philip K. Dick By Laurent Queyssi, By Mauro Marchesi

A stunningly raw look at the life of this influential author in the increasingly popular style of illustrated biography. One of the greatest writers in science fiction history, Philip K. Dick is mostly remembered for such works as Blade Runner, Minority Report, and Total Recall. His dark, fascinating work centered on alternate universes and shifting realities in worlds often governed by monopolistic corporations and authoritarian governments. His own life story seems a tussle with reality, cycling through five marriages and becoming increasingly disjointed with fits of paranoia and hallucinations fueled by abuse of drugs meant to stabilize him. His dramatic story is presented unvarnished in this biography.
X, Y & Z
X, Y & Z By Dermot Turing

Spymasters. Spycraft. Imprisonment. Escapes. Betrayal. The untold story of Enigma and the men who broke it. December, 1932 In the bathroom of a Belgian hotel, a French spymaster photographs secret documents—operating instructions of the cipher machine, Enigma. A few weeks later a mathematician in Warsaw begins to decipher the coded communications of the Third Reich and lay the foundations for the code-breaking operation at Bletchley Park. The co-operation between France, Britain and Poland is given the cover name 'X, Y & Z'. December, 1942 It is the middle of World War II. The Polish code-breakers are in France on the run from the Gestapo. People who know the Enigma secret are not supposed to be in the combat zone for fear of capture so MI6 devises a plan to exfiltrate them. If it goes wrong, if they are caught, they could give away the greatest secret of the war. X, Y & Z describes how French, British and Polish secret services came together to unravel the Enigma machine. It tells of how, under the very noses of the Germans, Enigma code-breaking continued in Vichy France. And how code-breakers from Poland continued their work for Her Majesty's Secret Service, watching the USSR's first steps of the Cold War. The people of X, Y and Z were eccentric, colourful and caught up in world events that they could watch not control. This is their story…
The Wardrobe Mistress
The Wardrobe Mistress By Patrick McGrath

A haunting novel about grief, love, secrets and fascism from the acclaimed author of Asylum, Trauma and Spider. January 1947. London is in ruins, there's nothing to eat, and it's the coldest winter in living memory. To make matters worse, Charlie Grice, one of the great stage actors of the day, has suddenly died. His widow Joan, the wardrobe mistress, is beside herself with grief. Then one night she discovers Gricey's secret. Plunged into a dark new world, Joan realizes that though fascism might hide, it never dies. Her war isn't over after all.
Adventures in Space
Adventures in Space By Simon Tyler

From illustrator Simon Tyler comes a wonderful compendium of space, space travel and much more. One day our sun will grow . . . and grow . . . and grow . . . until it ends its life as a red giant 400 times its current size. Wonder at facts like these, and much more, in the new illustrated guide to space. Space is fascinating, and in this book Simon Tyler gorgeously illustrates the planets, meteors, rockets and galaxies—even strange phenomena like the speed of light and solar flares!
Time Flowing Backwards
Time Flowing Backwards By Graeme Jefferies

This memoir is the fascinating and revealing story of Graeme Jefferies—one of the most inventive and influential musicians to emerge from New Zealand's vibrant independent music scene in the 1980s. Time Flowing Backwards spans over three decades of Jefferies career spent with bands Nocturnal Projections, This Kind of Punishment, and The Cakekitchen as well as a solo artist. In a candid and in-depth style, Jefferies recounts his recording and songwriting process along with riveting tales from incident-filled tours with the likes of Pavement, Cat Power and the Mountain Goats. This truly original and inimitable inside story highlights intense collaboration and DIY innovation, records made in hallways and houses rather than plush studios and a dedication to produce challenging and remarkable songs.
Oh Come All Ye Tasteful
Oh Come All Ye Tasteful By Ian Flitcroft

'Well written and incredibly descriptive, the author has clearly done homework about the field of gastronomy to produce a wonderful and memorable read.' --Publishers Weekly 'This is the perfect little gift for the gourmet in your life, the classy cook in the kitchen or the millionaire (in his or her own mind) who just wants to impress.' --The Fine Times Recorder'What's that you say? A turkey is a turkey. Of course it is, but that dry over-cooked bird will soar when stuffed with pigeon breast, foie gras, black truffles and a few ortolan…'This book will help you create a quirky Christmas dinner that is so wildly impressive that even the most curmudgeonly great aunt or begrudging mother-in-law will swoon.Why let the millionaires be restricted to shortbread? From a morning Myrrhtini, to an after dinner 1918 vintage Armagnac this will be a feast that no one will forget.Grab your apron, put on your chef's hat and let the games commence!Makes the perfect humorous stocking filler for the home cook looking to impress at Christmas!
The Wiggles My First Library
The Wiggles My First Library By The Wiggles

Join the Wiggles in six adventures featuring photos from the popular TV show. This wonderful wiggly library is the perfect starter set for new Wiggles fans and the ideal collectors item for loyal Wiggles followers. Join Emma, Anthony, Lachy, and Simon in six original stories that are packed full of Wiggly fun! Each story is specifically written for pre-school aged children and features photography from the popular TV show.
Dublin Then and Now®
Dublin Then and Now® By Lisa Marie Griffith

Dublin Then and Now matches archival images with contemporary views to reveal the past and present of this fascinating city. Dublin's rich architectural heritage ranges from medieval castles and cathedrals to a wealth of elegant Georgian townhouses. Capturing its famous streets, bridges, markets, parks and pubs, this book reveals the past and present of a city steeped in literary history, blessed with architectural beauty and full of character. Sites include: Trinity College, Dublin Castle, Guinness Brewery, Christ Church Cathedral, Brazen Head, Grattan Bridge, O'Connell Street, Abbey Theatre, Custom House, Liberty Hall, Four Courts, Smithfield Square, Phoenix Park, Dublin Zoo, Ha'Penny Bridge, Grafton Street, Davy Byrnes, Bewley's, St. Stephen's Green, The Long Hall, National Library of Ireland, Merrion Square, Fitzwilliam Square, and Kilmainham Gaol.
Sweetly Stitched Handmades
Sweetly Stitched Handmades By Amy Sinibaldi

Cute and contemporary projects from the designer behind the popular blog nana. CompanySweetly Stitched Handmades includes 18 original designs that incorporate Amy Sinibaldi's love for patchwork and embroidery, natural linen, and a carefully chosen color palette of patterns and prints. The projects range in difficulty so that a beginning sewer may easily complete a few projects from start to finish, while others are more difficult and a more advanced sewer may be challenged to learn some new techniques. Projects include a color-block baby quilt, a crayon-castle caddy, a jam-jar pincushion, an airmail tote bag, and a simple "Home Sweet Home" embroidery.
Bad Dog, Macy!
Bad Dog, Macy! By Wenjun Qin, Illustrated by Yinzhi Qin

A funny tale of misunderstanding, told from a dog's perspective, which will show readers not to jump to conclusions. Macy the dog is in trouble. He hasn't been a good dog, and it seems as if his mommy has abandoned him in an unfamiliar place! Luckily, Macy meets two other abandoned doggy friends, who keep him company. This is a funny story that will keep children entertained as they wonder whether Macy and his friends have really been abandoned. What appears to be a sad tale quickly transforms into one about getting pampered and fresh haircuts!