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Zombie Eye for the Living Guy
Zombie Eye for the Living Guy

Zombie Eye for the Living Guy

Look Undead, Cook Undead, Dress Undead, & Live Undead

Photographs by Alexander Colby, By J.M. Hewitt


192 Pages, 6 x 9

Trade Paper, $12.95 (CA $13.95) (US $12.95)

Publication Date: January 2012

ISBN 9781936863006

Rights: WOR

Marion Street Press (Jan 2012)
Marion Street Press, LLC

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Sound advice for becoming the “It” zombie

Highlighting the undeniable charisma of the walking dead, this outrageous self-help guide explores the myth of the zombie sex appeal, investigating what makes these tattered, brain-ravenous creatures so alluring. Advice from an actual “zombie whisperer” promises to release the average guy’s inner undead in one week, teaching him how to dress, groom, exercise, eat, date, decorate, and shamble just like a real zombie, truly living the lifestyle that his friends will envy and admire. Acknowledging that one’s family may not understand the repulsive diet, tattered clothes, or foul odors, these pointers contend that sacrifices for popularity and seductiveness are all part of the program. Whether preparing for the zombie apocalypse, blending in after the devastation, or finding a whole other level of charm, this guide contains the essentials for acquiring that debonair, decomposing chic and mystique.


"You'll get an eye full of the best zombie looks [through] the fantastic makeup work of Peter Swords Stevens, captured in a series of stunning images by photographer Alexander Colby." —

"The parody is dead-on. . . . Zombie Eye also contains quite a few pointers to enrich and enliven (so to speak) any good zombie costume. . . . The ultimate hilarious Halloween guide that works at all times of the year." —

Author Biography

Alexander Colby is a photographer, a writer, and an editor for popular media, lifestyle, technology, and culture publications. He is a contributor to,, Penthouse magazine,, and Fangoria magazine. He covers male-interest subjects for leading men’s magazines and menswear for online retail distribution. He is also a hairdresser and makeup artist. He lives in Astoria, New York. J.M. Hewitt has published short fiction featuring horror and fantasy themes in a host of online outlets, including The Harrow and Velvet Mafia. He lives and works in Portland, Oregon.