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You Thought It Was More
You Thought It Was More

You Thought It Was More

New Adventures of the World's Greatest Counterfeiter



200 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: EPUB

EPUB, $9.99 (US $9.99) (CA $12.99)

Publication Date: June 2024

ISBN 9781592114429

Rights: WOR

Histria Books (Jun 2024)
Vindicta Publishing


eBook Editions Available

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Unravel the thrilling saga of an extraordinary counterfeiter in this raucously entertaining memoir!"You Thought It Was More" is the gripping memoir of Louis 'The Coin' Colavecchio, recognized as the world's best counterfeiter. Colavecchio takes readers on an amazing journey through his wild adventures around the United States and Europe through a fascinating and funny tale. He gives compelling details of his exploits as he made a great deal of undetectable slot machine tokens, exposing the hidden world of counterfeiting.Colavecchio's prowess as a jeweler, manufacturer, and charmer has earned him a place in history, having been featured on prestigious platforms such as The History Channel and The BBC. His profound impact on the casino gaming industry has left a lasting legacy, forever changing it.

Author Biography

Andy Thibault is a private investigator, journalist and author of the award-winning collection of newspaper columns, more COOL JUSTICE. Thibault has taught writing, journalism, literature, blogging and public speaking courses at schools including Western Connecticut State University, the University of Hartford and Northwestern Connecticut Community College. Louis B. Colavecchio (January 1, 1942 – July 6, 2020) was an American casino counterfeiter known as "The Coin". While residing in Rhode Island, Colavecchio defrauded several Atlantic City and Connecticut casinos until his arrest and initial conviction in 1998. He had led a gang which fabricated numerous slot machine coins using hardened steel dies of the originals, and was revealed when casinos began to notice a surplus of coins on their gaming floors. Sentenced to seven years, Colavecchio was released in 2006.He passed away in 2019.