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Vlad's Bad Breath
Vlad's Bad Breath

Vlad's Bad Breath



32 Pages, 10.5 x 9.75

Formats: PDF

PDF, $4.99 (US $4.99) (CA $6.99)

Publication Date: June 2022

ISBN 9781922804082

Rights: US, CA, UK & EUR

Larrikin House US (Jun 2022)

Price: $4.99
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"What good is a Vampire with bad teeth?Not being able to see yourself in the mirror stinks... but not as much as putrid breath! When poor Vlad’s breath smells worse than death his best friends help him find a way to manage the smell and keep his teeth sparkling clean.Readers will fall in love with Vlad and his quirky friends Frank & Keith.

Author Biography

Rory H. Mather is a picture book enthusiast and author. He enjoys the humour and rhyme that are often found in today's picture books. For a while Rory worked in a public library, his favourite part of this job was planning and delivering story time. He now works in HR and is based in Queensland. When he isn't working or writing Rory enjoys going for long walks with his wife Georgia and their dogs Hugo and Cooper. He was the winner of the Gold Coast Writers Association Fiction Award in 2016. Rory was shortlisted for the Writers Unleashed Picture Book Competition 2019.