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Una cosa terrible ha sucedido
Una cosa terrible ha sucedido

Una cosa terrible ha sucedido

By Margaret M Holmes, Illustrated by Cary Pillo



32 Pages, 8.25 x 8.25

Formats: Cloth

Cloth, $14.95 (US $14.95) (CA $19.95)

Publication Date: March 2021

ISBN 9788416470150

Rights: US & CA

Editorial Fineo (Mar 2021)

Price: $14.95


El cuento narra la historia del zorrito Sherman Smith, quien vio una cosa terrible que lo perturbaba. Tenía pesadillas, hasta que un día encontró a alguien que le ayudó a hablar de aquella cosa terrible, y eso lo hizo sentir mejor. Mediante este libro podremos ayudar a los niños a superar algún acontecimiento traumático. Es sabido que la exposición indirecta a la violencia puede ser traumática para los pequeños. Desgraciadamente, hoy en día, las noticias y experiencias cotidianas que reciben los niños están plagadas de agresiones y amenazas. Un niño puede ser testigo, por ejemplo, de violencia, de un robo o de un secuestro.  Sherman Smith saw the most terrible thing happen. At first, he tried to forget about it, but soon something inside him started to bother him. He felt nervous for no reason. Sometimes his stomach hurt. He had bad dreams. And he started to feel angry and do mean things, which got him in trouble. Then he met Ms. Maple, who helped him talk about the terrible thing that he had tried to forget. Now, Sherman is feeling much better. This gently told and tenderly illustrated story is for children who have witnessed any kind of violent or traumatic episode, including physical abuse, school or gang violence, accidents, homicide, suicide, and natural disasters such as floods or fire.

Author Biography

Margaret M. Holmes writes inspirational and self-help stories for children. In addition to A Terrible Thing Happened, she is the author of Molly's Mom Died, Sam's Dad Died, and Charlie's Brother. Margaret and her husband live near Des Moines, Iowa. Cary Pillo received her fine arts degree from Washington State University and has been an illustrator for some fifteen years. She is the illustrator of several children's books, including Jenny Is Scared! and Tibby Tried It, and her colorful characters appear in many children's magazines as well. She lives in Seattle with her husband and son, and their dog Rocket.