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Ten Oni Drummers
Ten Oni Drummers

Ten Oni Drummers

By Matthew Gollub, Illustrated by Kazuko Stone



32 Pages, 10.75 x 9

Formats: Hardcover Picture Book

Hardcover Picture Book, $17.95 (US $17.95) (CA $22.95)

Publication Date: November 2018

ISBN 9781889910512

Rights: US & CA

Tortuga Press (Nov 2018)

Price: $17.95


The pair behind Cool Melons—Turn to Frogs! returns with this welcome introduction to a fascinating culture

In this playful, rhyming picture book, a child learns to see monsters as his friends who chase away spooky dreams. Alone on a beach, in Japan, the boy sees a tiny oni (OH-nee) creeping up from the sand. Soon there are two, then three of the colorful goblins, each with its own number written in kanji on its back. The cumulative counting chant begins: "Ichi, ni, san-tun-tun. One, two, three, around they run!" As they beat their taiko drums they grow bigger—and more numerous. They carry on wildly, devour their dinner, smiling with crooked fangs and red eyes. What will they do with their very largest drum once all ten towering oni are assembled? With bright watercolor paintings, Stone draws on the folk culture of her native Japan to portray the monsters as both frightening and funny. The author's note further introduces Japanese taiko, oni, and kanji. A chart at the end shows how to draw and pronounce the Japanese numbers one through ten, symbols understood not just in Japan but in China and Korea too!

Author Biography

Matthew Gollub is a nationally known children's author, speaker, and performer. He has created 18 picture books which together have garnered 25 national awards and distinctions. His experiences living overseas, and his knowledge of Spanish and Japanese language, have inspired several of his most popular works including Cool Melons—Turn to Frogs! and Jazz Fly 2: The Jungle Pachanga. Kazuko G. Stone's books for children, many first published in her native Japan, have captivated readers worldwide and garnered numerous awards both in the United States and abroad.