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Sicilian Court Culture 1061-1266
Sicilian Court Culture 1061-1266

Sicilian Court Culture 1061-1266

The Time Traveler's Guide

The Time Traveler's Guide


280 Pages, x

Formats: EPUB

EPUB, $15.95 (US $15.95) (CA $20.95)

Publication Date: May 2020

ISBN 9781943639335

Rights: WOR

Trinacria Editions LLC (May 2020)


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This guide is an introduction to the art, architecture, poetry and cuisine known at the multicultural Sicilian court during the rule of the Norman and Swabian dynasties. In addition to detailed descriptions of such popular sights as Palermo's Palatine Chapel and Monreale's abbey, it includes translations of court recipes and Sicilian poetry published for the first time in the books written by these two historians over the last decade.Sicily's multicultural Middle Ages come to life in a guide for those seeking to know what life at the Sicilian court was really like during the island's golden age. Reflecting original research in medieval sources, it offers a glimpse into a past rarely reported in tour books or general histories of Sicily.Chapters: Preface; Introduction; Maps; The Kingdom; Abrahamic Legacy; Artistic Movements; Palatine Chapel, Royal Palace and Zisa Palace; Martorana, Cathedral and San Cataldo; Monreale; Cefalu; Sicilian Language and Court Poetry; The Contrasto of Cielo of Alcamo; Court Cuisine; Constance's Crown; Margaret's Pendant; Timeline.The poems translated by Jacqueline Alio are those of Cielo of Alcamo, Nina of Messina, and Frederick II (his entire canon). The original Sicilian texts accompany the English translations.Unlike many general histories of medieval Sicily, this one draws attention to women as well as men. Nina of Messina was the first woman to write poetry in an Italian vernacular, and Queen Margaret encouraged her son to build Sicily's greatest church at Monreale. During the years of Margaret's regency, she and Beatrice of Rethel, the widow of Roger II, navigated the royal court through stormy seas. Margaret found herself the most powerful woman of Europe and the Mediterranean.Although many sources are cited, there are no footnotes/endnotes and only simplified bibliographies for a few chapters. This ebook brings the reader numerous maps and diagrams reproduced from the authors' previous books issued in print.Since very few public and university libraries have books that present an overview of this information, Sicilian Court Culture 1061-1266 is a useful (and affordable) introduction for students, either to compare the Kingdom of Sicily to other European polities of this era or as a quick survey.For visitors to Sicily, or for those curious about the Middle Ages, this ebook offers informative background details about the culture of a royal court uniquely influenced by the civilizations of three continents.Here the reader will learn what Sicily's first kings and queens saw, heard and tasted. Most destination guides mention a few medieval sights to visit. This one brings us the rest of the story. It permits the reader to experience the complex culture of one of the most opulent royal courts of Europe's High Middle Ages.

Author Biography

Jacqueline Alio has written biographies about Sicily's medieval queens. Louis Mendola is one of Sicily's leading medievalists.