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Schlebrügge Editor

Schlebrügge Editor

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Titles Found: 26
A School for Nenets
A School for Nenets >
By Ikuru Kuwajima

ISBN 9783902833846

Price 28.99

Trade Paper

bretterbauer objects
bretterbauer objects >
By Patricia Grzonka, By Adolf Krischanitz

ISBN 9783902833648

Price 29.99

Trade Paper

Dearie >
By Michael Huey, By Caryl Flinn, By Terre Thaemlitz, By Tom Holert, Edited by Diedrich Diederichsen, Edited by Constanze Ruhm

ISBN 9783851601961

Price 33.00

Trade Paper

Detours >
By Martin Feiersinger

ISBN 9783851601169

Price 21.00

Trade Paper

Die Architektur der Generali Foundation in Wien / The Architecture of the Generali Foundation in Vienna
Die Architektur der Generali Foundation in Wien / The Architecture of the Generali Foundation in Vienna >
Edited by Christian Jabornegg, Edited by András Pálffy

ISBN 9783902833891

Price 47.99

Trade Paper

Dilemma >
By Christian Eisenberger

ISBN 9783902833532

Price 48.00


Extroversion >
By Franz West, By Benedikt Ledebur

ISBN 9783902833006

Price 27.00

Trade Paper

FRANZ WEST. WORKS 1970–1985 >
By Franz West

ISBN 9783903172241

Price 44.95

Trade Paper

Frida Parmeggiani. Textile Artefacts
Frida Parmeggiani. Textile Artefacts >
By Silke Geppert, By Elfriede Jelinek, Edited by Ursula Schnitzer, By C. Bernd Sucher, By Robert Wilson

ISBN 9783902833945

Price 44.95

Trade Paper

Gazprom City
Gazprom City >
Edited by Sophie Panzer, Edited by Christina Simmel

ISBN 9783902833808

Price 23.95

Trade Paper

Helga Michie: I Am Beginning to Want What I Am
Helga Michie: I Am Beginning to Want What I Am >
By Jeremy Adler, By Rüdiger Görner, By Antonia Hoerschelmann, Edited by Christine Ivanovic, By Mischa Lucyshyn, Illustrated by Helga Michie, By Christine Nagel

ISBN 9783903172005

Price 59.95

Trade Paper

By Ingrid Wiener, Edited by Michaela Leutzendorff Pakesch, By Martin Prinzhorn, By Birgit Schneider, By Caroline Lillian Schopp

ISBN 9783903172715

Price 39.95

Trade Paper

Julia Faber
Julia Faber >
By Julia Faber, By Susanne Neuburger

ISBN 9783902833860

Price 23.95

Trade Paper

Július Koller - Galéria Ganku
Július Koller - Galéria Ganku >
Edited by Daniel Grún

ISBN 9783902833556

Price 22.99

Trade Paper

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