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Read with Pride

Explore the spectrum of LGBTQ+ stories

LGBTQ Reads - 2023

Out at the Plate
Out at the Plate >
By Lynn Ames
Price 28.99
My Shadow Is Pink
My Shadow Is Pink >
By Scott Stuart
Price 9.99
Never Silent
Never Silent >
By Peter Staley, Foreword by Anderson Cooper
Price 18.99
Queer Life, Queer Love
Queer Life, Queer Love >
Edited by Matt Bates, Edited by Golnoosh Nour, Edited by Sarah Beal, Edited by Kate Beal
Price 15.95
Queer Chameleon and Friends
Queer Chameleon and Friends >
By Amee Wilson
Price 19.99
Call Me Esteban
Call Me Esteban >
By Lejla Kalamujic, Translated by Jennifer Zoble
Price 14.95
TransElectric >
By Cidny Bullens, Foreword by Elton John
Price 30.00
We Can Do Better Than This
We Can Do Better Than This >
By Beth Ditto, By Owen Jones, By Olly Alexander
Price 19.95
We Set the Night on Fire
We Set the Night on Fire >
By Martha Shelley
Price 28.99
Be Drag Fabulous
Be Drag Fabulous >
By Katie Mockridge
Price 16.95
Gay & Lesbian History for Kids
Gay & Lesbian History for Kids >
By Jerome Pohlen
Price 18.99
The Heart of Summer
The Heart of Summer >
By Danton Remoto
Price 15.99
Queer Life, Queer Love 2
Queer Life, Queer Love 2 >
Edited by Matt Bates, Edited by Julia Bell, Edited by Sarah Beal, Edited by Kate Beal
Price 16.99
The Chameleon Thief
The Chameleon Thief >
By Mat Larkin
Price 16.99
Set in Stone
Set in Stone >
By Stela Brinzeanu
Price 14.95
Elton John - Farewell
Elton John - Farewell >
By Carolyn McHugh
Price 34.99
Reaching Ninety
Reaching Ninety >
By Martin Duberman
Price 30.00
Drag Queen of Scots
Drag Queen of Scots >
By Lawrence Chaney
Price 22.95
Now That I See You
Now That I See You >
By Emma Batchelor
Price 19.95
Acid >
By Sangeetha Sreenivasan
Price 15.95
A Drag Queen's Guide to Life
A Drag Queen's Guide to Life >
By Bimini Bon Boulash
Price 17.95
Caught In The Act
Caught In The Act >
By Shane Jenek
Price 26.95
The Enemy Within
The Enemy Within >
By Adam Macqueen
Price 15.95
Love's Rite
Love's Rite >
By Vanita Ruth
Price 15.95
The Arts
The Arts >
By Emilie Dufresne
Change >
By Emilie Dufresne
The Ministry of Guidance
The Ministry of Guidance >
By Golnoosh Nour
Price 14.95
Queer Folk Tales
Queer Folk Tales >
By Kevin Walker
Price 19.95
Rainbow Warrior
Rainbow Warrior >
By Gilbert Baker, Foreword by Dustin Lance Black
Price 16.99
Highway Bodies
Highway Bodies >
By Alison Evans
Price 19.99
Riverrun >
By Danton Remoto
Price 15.95
Beneath the Streets
Beneath the Streets >
By Adam Macqueen
Price 15.95
Good as You
Good as You >
By Paul Flynn
Price 21.95
Running with Lions
Running with Lions >
By Julian Winters
Price 16.99
The Boys of Fairy Town
The Boys of Fairy Town >
By Jim Elledge
Price 29.99
Ida >
By Alison Evans
Price 16.95
The Well of Loneliness
The Well of Loneliness >
By Radclyffe Hall
Price 16.95
Holding the Man
Holding the Man >
By Timothy Conigrave
Price 22.95
I Am Onir and I Am Gay
I Am Onir and I Am Gay >
By Onir Onir
Price 18.95
The Gaudy Image
The Gaudy Image >
By william Talsman
Price 15.95