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Pimpernel Press

Pimpernel Press

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A Landscape Legacy
A Landscape Legacy >
By John Brookes

ISBN 9781910258934

Price 56.00


A Lesson in Art & Life
A Lesson in Art & Life >
By Hugh St Clair, Foreword by Philip Mould

ISBN 9781910258361

Price 45.00


After the Fire
After the Fire >
By Angelo Hornak

ISBN 9781910258088

Price 75.00


An Anthology of Mine
An Anthology of Mine >
By Rex Whistler

ISBN 9781910258156

Price 65.00


Ancestors in the Attic
Ancestors in the Attic >
By Michael Holroyd, Foreword by Martin Rickard

ISBN 9781910258842

Price 49.95


At Home with the Soanes
At Home with the Soanes >
By Susan Palmer

ISBN 9781910258446

Price 19.95

Trade Paper

Beside the Seaside
Beside the Seaside >
By Carolyn Caldicott, Photographs By Chris Caldicott

ISBN 9781910258439

Price 19.95


Beth Chatto
Beth Chatto >
By Catherine Horwood

ISBN 9781910258828

Price 45.00


Beth Chatto's Shade Garden
Beth Chatto's Shade Garden >
By Beth Chatto, Photographs By Steven Wooster

ISBN 9781910258224

Price 47.95


Black Lily
Black Lily (2 Formats) >
By Philippa Stockley

Trade Paper ISBN 9781910258095

Trade Paper Price 14.95

Trade Paper, EPUB

Bridges >
By Marcus Binney

ISBN 9781910258170

Price 60.00


Brilliant & Wild
Brilliant & Wild >
By Lucy Bellamy, Photographs By Jason Ingram

ISBN 9781910258637

Price 27.95


Colour Confident Stitching
Colour Confident Stitching >
By Karen Barbé

ISBN 9781910258651

Price 24.95

Trade Paper

Dachshunds >
By Caroline Donald

ISBN 9781910258279

Price 14.95


Death and Memory
Death and Memory >
By Helen Dorey, By Tom Drysdale, By Susan Palmer, By Frances Sands

ISBN 9780993204111

Price 16.95

Trade Paper

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