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Michael O'Mara Books

Michael O'Mara publishes inspiring, original non-fiction, and is home to award-winning children’s imprint Buster Books & stunning LOM Art.

Publishers To Know: Michael O'Mara Books

Sherlock Bones and the Mischief in Manhattan
Sherlock Bones and the Mischief in Manhattan >
By Tim Collins, Illustrated by John Bigwood
Price 9.99
Secret Code Games for Clever Kids®
Secret Code Games for Clever Kids® >
By Gareth Moore, Illustrated by Chris Dickason
Price 8.99
Sheldon's New Shell
Sheldon's New Shell >
By Lily Murray, Illustrated by Sam Caldwell
Price 9.99
Life Lessons from Literature
Life Lessons from Literature >
By Joseph Piercy
Price 19.99
Hollywood Cocktails
Hollywood Cocktails >
By Michael O'Mara Books
Price 16.99
The Weather Book
The Weather Book >
By Diana Craig
Price 15.99
Unicorns, Myths and Monsters
Unicorns, Myths and Monsters >
By Anne Marie Ryan
Price 14.99
One-Armed Jack
One-Armed Jack >
By Sarah Bax Horton
Price 24.99
Zendaya >
By Alison James
Price 24.99
Inside the World of Bridgerton
Inside the World of Bridgerton >
By Catherine Curzon
Price 19.99