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Massey University Press

Massey University Press

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#Tumeke! >
By Michael Petherick

ISBN 9780994141576

Price 20.00

Trade Paper

50 Years Young
50 Years Young >
By Kate Taylor

ISBN 9780995102941

Price 35.00

Trade Paper

A Moral Truth
A Moral Truth >
Edited by James Hollings

ISBN 9780994141583

Price 35.00

Trade Paper

A Nurse on the Edge of the Desert
A Nurse on the Edge of the Desert (2 Formats) >
By Andrew Cameron

Trade Paper ISBN 9780994140791

Trade Paper Price 30.00

Trade Paper, EPUB

A Seat at the Table
A Seat at the Table (2 Formats) >
Edited by Graham Hassall, Edited by Negar Partow

Trade Paper ISBN 9780995137806

Trade Paper Price 35.00

Trade Paper, EPUB

Agency of Hope
Agency of Hope >
By Peter Lineham

ISBN 9780995131880

Price 40.00

Trade Paper

Army Fundamentals
Army Fundamentals (2 Formats) >
Edited by Bethan Greener

Trade Paper ISBN 9780994140739

Trade Paper Price 35.00

Trade Paper, EPUB

Aspiring (2 Formats) >
By Damien Wilkins

Trade Paper ISBN 9780995122949

Trade Paper Price 15.00

Trade Paper, EPUB

Auckland Architecture
Auckland Architecture >
Photographs By Patrick Reynolds, By John Walsh

ISBN 9780995113534

Price 15.00

Trade Paper

Bill and Shirley
Bill and Shirley (2 Formats) >
By Keith Ovenden

Cloth ISBN 9780995131835

Cloth Price 24.00

Cloth, EPUB

City at the Centre
City at the Centre >
Edited by Kerry Taylor, Edited by Geoff Watson, Edited by Margaret Tennant

ISBN 9780995113527

Price 50.00


Conversations About Indigenous Rights
Conversations About Indigenous Rights (3 Formats) >
Edited by Selwyn Katene, Edited by Rawiri Taonui

Trade Paper ISBN 9780995102910

Trade Paper Price 48.00

Trade Paper, EPUB, Mobipocket

Creating New Synergies
Creating New Synergies >
Photographs By Dallas Nesbitt, Edited by Masayoshi Ogino, Foreword by Penny Shino

ISBN 9780994130075

Price 30.00

Trade Paper

Cyber Security and Policy
Cyber Security and Policy (2 Formats) >
Edited by Andrew Colarik, Foreword by Julian Jang-Jaccard, Photographs By Anuradha Mathrani

Trade Paper ISBN 9780994136343

Trade Paper Price 40.00

Trade Paper, EPUB

Dear Oliver
Dear Oliver (2 Formats) >
By Peter Wells

Trade Paper ISBN 9780994147363

Trade Paper Price 30.00

Trade Paper, EPUB

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