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Lady Unveiled
Lady Unveiled

Lady Unveiled

Catharine Greene Miller 1755-1814


360 Pages, 5.5 x 8.4

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $18.95 (US $18.95) (CA $19.95)

Publication Date: January 2014

ISBN 9780980916331

Rights: WOR

Pinata Publishing (Jan 2014)

Price: $18.95


During a compelling life that took her from Rhode Island to Cumberland Island, GA, Kitty Greene broke the bondage of tradition.  Married to the legendary General Nathanael Greene, this controversial, independent woman charmed and inspired living icons: Benjamin Franklin, George and Martha Washington, Henry and Lucy Knox, “Mad” Anthony Wayne and others through the tumultuous times surrounding the Revolutionary War.Faced with challenges that would unnerve a less resourceful woman, Kitty made a name for herself.  A churning mass of contradictions—beautiful, elegant and intelligent—she also made meaningful contributions to ongoing political discussions led by her husband and his friends.  Drawn to the company of men at social gatherings, Kitty was slandered for bending the rules of propriety.  Yet this enabled her to be instrumental in the development of the age’s most remarkable invention, the cotton gin.  Because of the limitations of her era, she took no credit, giving Eli Whitney all rights of invention.  Founding Mother Catharine Greene Miller's irrepressible spirit and influence altered the history of America.

Author Biography

Pamela Bauer Mueller was raised in Oregon.  She has worked as a flight attendant, commercial model and actress, English and Spanish teacher and a U.S. Customs Inspector.  She now lives on Jekyll Island Georgia with her husband Michael and their cats Sukey Spice and Morgan Maurice.Pamela's children and young adult books have awarded her the 2006/2008and the 2009Georgia Author of the Year titles, three Mom's Choice and Children's Choice gold medals, the Independent Publisher Gold Book awards and other national awards with Writer's Digest and ForeWord magazines.  In her sixth historical novel, she introduces us to two female Civil War spies, Antonia Ford and Pauline Cushman, and their true stories of deep patriotism, deception and duplicity.