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Just SNOW Already!
Just SNOW Already!

Just SNOW Already!

Illustrated by Howard McWilliam


32 Pages, 10.25 x 10.25

Formats: Cloth

Cloth, $18.95 (US $18.95) (CA $18.95)

Publication Date: September 2023

ISBN 9781947277984

Rights: WOR

Flashlight Press (Sep 2023)

Price: $18.95


Nothing is as fun as snow, except maybe all the craziness happening right outside this little boy’s window! Will he even notice?

When the forecast calls for snow, one little boy is thrilled. He keeps peeking outside to see if it’s snowing - but he only looks up! His single-minded focus on the sky makes him completely miss the increasingly comical chaos occurring outside his door, which includes a monster truck, a firetruck, escaped monkeys, and carousing clowns. The boy bides his time and tries to wait patiently, but waiting is boring! As the hours go by and not a snowflake is seen, the boy begins to worry that it might NEVER snow again! That’s no fun! If only he would notice all of the wacky events unfolding outside! Finally, when the boy is just about to give up, the long-awaited white stuff arrives with a single jubilant word - SNOW! All of his frustration instantly disappears, and the boy rushes outside declaring, “I knew it would snow! I knew it!” Still oblivious to the pandemonium around him, he concludes, “Nothing’s as fun as snow!” Bursting with vibrancy and hilarious details, Just SNOW Already! captures children’s love of snow – as well as the frustrating side of waiting – while offering a humorous lesson about living in the moment and noticing what's around you.


"While the text captures the restless excitement of waiting for those first snowflakes, the humorously detailed cartoon illustrations are the draw. Each page turn reveals a new action-packed scene that will have kids coming back for repeat reads." —Kirkus Reviews

"Just received a copy of Just SNOW Already! I love the messages this book presents of the importance of being patient and not missing the forest for the trees." — Teacher at Spreckels Elementary School

"A child impatiently waits for snow in this tongue-in-cheek picture book about living in the moment … Playful illustrations slice between the boy’s boredom indoors and a wide shot of the street, where firemen, monster trucks, and wild animals gather."—Foreword Reviews

"McWilliam’s two-page spread familiarizes us with the boy’s neighborhood, populated by a diverse range of people living in lovely Victorian houses … When the snow finally materializes, every figure and object in the final scene is dusted with joy."—Emily Schneider, Educator, writer, and blogger Imaginary Elevators blog

"A hilarious story....If you are a fan of creative bookends, you'll love that these bookends are perfect before and after illustrations of the street!....I cannot wait to read and reread this fun book together this winter. It's one of those books where you notice new details every time!"—The HSP Bookshelf

"The pages are brimming with big, bold, and frame-worthy images. Children will just love exploring all this book has to offer. Every page brings a colorful surprise that is sure to ignite a happy and interactive conversation."—Christa McGrath, Edwards Book Club Reviews

"This is a beautiful hardcover book that imparts the magic of snow to young children everywhere. The pictures alone are just the start. Watercolor, full-color depictions of a child waiting for snow, are enough to draw young children to this tale."—Polina Mann, Reviewer for Children's Literature

"Howard McWilliam has written a truly funny story that shows he is in touch with his inner child … But the real joy of the book is McWilliam’s super fun illustrations … Kids will ask for this over and over." —Rosi Hollinbeck, San Francisco Book Reviews 

"Singularly well-crafted by author/illustrator Howard McWilliam, Just SNOW Already! is a fun read specially designed for children ages 3-5…. especially and unreservedly recommended for family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library Values/Emotions/Feelings picture book collections…” Children’s BookwatchMidwest Book Review 

Author Biography

Howard McWilliam is both author and illustrator of Just SNOW Already! He is the award-winning illustrator of the I Need My Monster series, When a Dragon Moves In series, John Cena’s Elbow Grease series (a New York Times #1 Bestseller), and many other children’s books, with over 1 million copies sold. He is the cover artist of The Week (US & UK), and he lives with his wife and three sons in Cheltenham, England. Just SNOW Already! is his authorial debut.