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IPG Adds Oceano Travesia to Spanish-Language Book Distribution Program

December 12, 2019

CHICAGO, IL— Independent Publishers Group (IPG), in partnership with Editorial Océano de Mexico, will now distribute a range of popular and bestselling Spanish-language children’s books from the Océana Travesía imprint. This brings the full catalog of Océano titles under the IPG umbrella, which began distributing select Océano imprints in March 2014. 

This new deal, which takes effect on January 1, 2020, will add more than 300 backlist children’s titles to the IPG Spanish distribution program, which comprises more than 40 other publishers, including Ediciones Larousse, Editorial Casals, Editorial Kairos, Cinco Tintas, and Redbook Ediciones.

“Océano Travesía’s dynamic blend of translations of award-winning English titles and authentic Spanish literature offers high-quality and unique titles to the market,” said Kelsey Mrjoian, manager of the IPG Spanish program. “Océano is one of Mexico’s leading publishers and with IPG’s Spanish distribution expertise, our collaboration will reach a wider audience within the U.S.”

As one of IPG’s fastest-growing lists, the Spanish distribution program markets and sells titles written in Spanish from all over the Spanish-speaking world. Additionally, IPG is the only major distributor to have a separate Spanish-language product line with its own catalogs, and the program is administered by people fluent in the Spanish language.

The Océano Travesí­a line, like other Spanish-language publishers, will be sold through all of IPG’s sales channels as well as by IPG specialists dedicated to this list only, who sell to specialty retailers and wholesalers and work with the sales staff to maximize sales in all accounts.

For more information about Océano, please visit:

About Independent Publishers Group (IPG)
Founded in 1971, IPG was the first organization specifically created for the purpose of marketing titles from independent presses to the book trade. Today, IPG’s wide reach into the book market includes distribution of both print and ebooks from a wide array of publishers, digital printing and traditional publishing. With consistent growth year over year, IPG’s success has come from supporting and encouraging the growth of its publishing partners in the United States and worldwide. IPG was acquired by Chicago Review Press in 1987, and this acquisition formed the parent company Chicago Review Press, Inc., which now owns Chicago-based indie publishers Chicago Review Press and Triumph Books.

About Océano
Océano is one of the leading publishers in Mexico and is also IPG’s largest Spanish-language publisher. Publishing in a range of categories beyond children’s, including spirituality, health and fitness, political science, psychology, self-help, and many others, they are praised for their high standards of care to their books’ content, as well as loyalty to their authors. The Travesí­a line includes activity and teaching books and bestselling youth literature.