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Chicago Review Press Acquires Fulcrum Publishing Titles

January 4, 2021

Contact: Alisse Goldsmith-Wissman | Publicity Manager
312.337.0747 | [email protected]

CHICAGO, IL— Chicago Review Press (CRP), one of the two publishers owned by Independent Publishers Group (IPG), has acquired half of Fulcrum Publishing’s list of titles. Chicago Review Press officially took over publication of the select 126 titles on January 1, 2021.

IPG has long been the distribution partner for Fulcrum Publishing, and in late 2020 Fulcrum decided to expand their partnership and sell certain publishing assets, including its graphic novel, gardening, natural history, and travel lines, to CRP, while focusing their energies on the remaining authors and categories. CRP’s acquisition includes a number of backlist titles as well as a handful of not-yet-published books releasing in 2021.

“Charlotte and I decided that, now that we are older, we want to focus on the areas we started with, creating a more focused company,” said Bob Baron, owner and founder. “The reality of the COVID pandemic also highlighted the need for a change. We are excited to be transferring these product lines and titles to Chicago Review Press and their parent company IPG, as we know they share similar values, and these titles and authors will have a good home for years to come. We are also happy that Fulcrum Publishing will continue, focused on its original mission.” 

Fulcrum Publishing joins other recently acquired publishers for CRP, including Amberjack and Council Oak Books, both in 2019. Fulcrum was founded in 1985 by Bob and Charlotte Baron and quickly grew as an independent publishing voice in the American West, focusing on the environment, conservation, Native American culture, education, self-help, American history, civics, and culture. The company expanded their categories over the ensuing 35 years to include graphic novels, travel, gardening, and other areas.

“I am thrilled to be acquiring many of Fulcrum Publishing’s wonderful backlist titles, especially their graphic novels for children including Strange Fruit, the Tales of the Talented Tenth series by Joel Christian Gill, and Trickster, a collection of  Native American trickster tales with a new 10th Anniversary edition coming out from CRP in Spring 2021,” said Cynthia Sherry, group publisher of Chicago Review Press and Triumph Books. “The Fulcrum authors joining Chicago Review Press will find a supportive home for their titles as we have a deep and varied backlist.”

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About Independent Publishers Group (IPG):
Founded in 1971, IPG was the first organization specifically created for the purpose of marketing titles from independent presses to the book trade. Today, IPG’s wide reach into the book market includes distribution of both print and e-books from a wide array of publishers, digital printing and traditional publishing. With consistent growth year over year, IPG’s success has come from supporting and encouraging the growth of its publishing partners in the United States and worldwide. IPG was acquired by Chicago Review Press in 1987, and this acquisition formed the parent company Chicago Review Press, Inc., which now owns Chicago-based indie publishers Chicago Review Press and Triumph Books.


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