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INscribe Digital Introduces TextCafe eBook Samples

January 16, 2018

Publishers Gain Access to Affordable Marketing Tool That IncreasesBook Reads, Purchases and Shares Online

BERKELEY, CA — Leading eBook Distributor INscribe Digital, a division of Independent Publishers Group, today announced a deal with marketing technology company TextCafe to offer book samples for all eBooks distributed by INscribe on behalf of its client publishers. TextCafe’s mobile-friendly samples increase book sales and discovery by enabling instant reader engagement with book content, while allowing publishers to control how and where readers read, buy and share.

Publishers working with INscribe Digital will now be able to share an instant book preview of each of their titles on social media, in email, or on their websites. Each sample will be available at no charge to publishers for 30 days, and can be maintained thereafter for a low monthly fee. Publishers control all aspects of the sample—including the amount shared, author and content descriptions, designated retailers, and social media channels and messaging. Publishers can also track all activity and measure its effectiveness on one convenient dashboard.

“Samples make book discovery pay off. Our client publishers are finding that samples engage readers and get them to buy.We believe TextCafe samples will help our clients win more attention and sales for their books.” says Larry Norton, General Manager, INscribe Digital.

“Our publishers have been getting excellent results with TextCafe book samples, including high purchase, share and reading rates. TextCafe makes it incredibly easy for publishers to put books in front of readers, for readers to purchase and share books, and for publishers to track, analyze and keep improving on their results.” says Kelly Peterson, Director of Client Services, INscribe Digital.

“We’re delighted to work with INscribe Digital because they are exceptionally strategic and forward-thinking about what works in today’s digital marketplace, and because we share theircommitment commitment to helping publishers and authors sell more books while making book discovery easy and enjoyable.” says Martin Hensel, Founder of TextCafe.

About INscribe Digital
INscribe Digital (, a division of Independent Publishers Group (IPG), is a technology company specializing in next-generation publishing services and tools. Based in Berkeley, CA, the company distributes eBook titles on behalf of major book publishers, university and independent presses, literary agents and authors. INscribe’s Athena content delivery platform provides maximum transparency in distribution and sales reporting. Strong retailer relationships enable the company to deliver customized marketing and sales solutions for diverse clients at a range of retailers globally. INscribe’s seasoned team of book industry professionals leverages a decade of experience in delivering music and other digital media assets to leading retailers worldwide. INscribe Digital offers flexible and scalable solutions for Book production, conversion, marketing and distribution.

About TextCafe
TextCafe ( is a marketing technology company focused on instant access to books with a stellar reading experience on any device, as part of our overall mission to empower publishers and authors to sell and share books directly with readers. Each TextCafe book sample has its own web link that publishers can tweet, post or email, and includes links to purchase the book from major stores, as well as share links to all major social networks. Sample production is fully automated, using EPUB and ONIX files to produce HTML5 book samples for each title. TextCafe is based in the Boston area and is led by Martin Hensel, who previously founded three successful publishing technology firms, including Texterity, which set a new standard for digital magazine distribution for Conde Nast, Meredith and Rodale, among others.

Independent Publishers Group: Emily Parenti [email protected] — 312-568-5440
TextCafe: Charlotte Abbott [email protected] — 718-619-6794