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Ediciones Aljibe S.L.

Ediciones Aljibe S.L.

Ediciones Aljibe was founded in 1990 with the idea of supporting professionals in education, psychology, pedagogy and, above all, education for diversity. Aljibe remains true to its origins, but adapted to a world that is constantly evolving, it directs its offer to a crucible of readers, from the neophyte interested in literature to the college student looking for a highly specialized monograph. His library was created to adapt the curriculum to address the problems posed by the educational system with regard to education for diversity. Thus it is a specific material for those children with learning difficulties, it is a help to keep the contents through simplified notebooks, where the theory is accurate and is highlighted with activities that reinforce knowledge.

In the field of specialized monographs Aljibe has published authors such as Antonio Bolivar, Enrique García Huete, José Luis Gallego, Miguel Angel Santos, Humberto Maturana, Miguel López Melero or Julio Ruiz Palmer. Aljibe has 600 references are expanding every year.

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