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Disney Manga: Donald Duck Visits Japan!
Disney Manga: Donald Duck Visits Japan!

Disney Manga: Donald Duck Visits Japan!


208 Pages, 5 x 7.5

Formats: Trade Paper, PDF

Trade Paper, $12.99 (US $12.99) (CA $16.99)

Publication Date: May 2022

ISBN 9781427871497

Rights: US, CA & MX

TOKYOPOP (May 2022)
Disney Manga

Price: $12.99


Donald Duck works for the American furniture business "Duck Furnishings". It's been two months since he and his employees, José Carioca and Panchito, were reassigned to the Asian Culture and Distribution Department, and the phone hasn't rung even once.

Just as they're starting to wonder why they were transferred in the first place, the CEO suddenly orders them to travel to Japan! The three Caballeros must learn all they can about Japanese customs, entertainment, culture, food, and clothing before they return to New York City. Assuming they don't get into too much trouble first!

Author Biography

Meru Okano is a Japanese manga artist who loves video games, western artwork and music, and coffee. She's known for Donald Duck Visits Japan!, Makeinu Fight, Koroshiya Dorothy, and Tonari no Shamu-neko Tantei.