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American Narcissus
American Narcissus

American Narcissus



280 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Trade Paper, EPUB

Trade Paper, $19.99 (US $19.99) (CA $26.99)

Publication Date: May 2024

ISBN 9781639511402

Rights: WOR

Dead Sky Publishing (May 2024)


eBook Editions Available

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Price: $19.99


The American dream is dead, and Los Angeles is burning. Stoned and porn-addicted surfer Baxter Kent is terrified of women and anxious to make things work with a sex robot. Acid junkie Arden Coover has a useless philosophy degree and a doomed relationship he believes might save him. His younger sister Tess is considering, or resisting, a convenient but loveless marriage to a wealthy, narcissistic novelist. Ryland Richter, an alcoholic insurance executive with too much money and too few scruples, is seeking toxic solace in the arms of a dangerously unhinged subordinate. As wildfires rage, this lost and hopeless cast makes their way through the embers of Los Angeles and beyond in a desperate search for meaning and connection in a world without a future. Chandler Morrison’s latest satire explores our search for love in all the wrong places, and what happens when we think we find it.


"It’s very difficult to describe a Chandler Morrison novel—you kind of have to experience them for yourself to get what he’s doing—but it is quite easy to say that this is one of the most entertaining, thoughtful, and just plain weird novels you’re likely to read this year."—Booklist

“No blurb will be able to fully convey how great this book is. Chandler Morrison’s voice is unique, stylish and powerful. Required reading for fans of Brett Easton Ellis, Tom Piccirilli or Chuck Palahniuk.” —Brian Keene, Author of Ghoul

"In the background, huge wildfires approach Los Angeles, but the characters American Narcissus focuses on are too self-centred to even notice or care. Why does literature give such deeply unpleasant characters such as these so much page time and why are we endlessly fascinated with them? I do not know the answer, but within the boundaries of a Chandler Morrison novel, I would expect nothing less. Bleak, unforgiving, compelling and grimy as hell."—Horror DNA

"Morrison delivers the story in a way that readers feel like they’re experiencing the blackouts with the characters. And even though they are all horrible and have no redeeming qualities, that drives the point home – no amount of drugs, sex, or alcohol can cure the hollowness that one might feel within themselves. Even though some of the dialogue was certainly off-putting and offensive, it was equally thought-provoking. The commentary challenges readers to find the deeper meaning while not losing sight of the big picture. I could see early on that these losers wouldn’t get their happy endings – but I couldn’t stop reading until I learned just how badly things would end. Nor could I predict that I would finish the book with my jaw dropped."—Cantina Book Club

"If ALONG THE PATH OF TORMENT blew the doors off (which it did), American Narcissus will bring the whole dang house down (which it does). Seriously, those who continue to dismiss and disparage Morrison as just another shock-value gross-out type? You gotta get over that. He is the real deal, a true talent, a literary master craftsman who knows exactly what he’s doing, and does it with sardonic wit, absolute skill, and laser precision." —Christine Marie Morgon

“#thighgap is a story of abyssal redemption. A frozen palace of beautiful and broken people. It’s brutal and tragically sexy and doesn’t shy away from any of its dark interiors.” —Autumn Christian, Author of Girl Like a Bomb

"When I wasn’t reading this book, I wanted to be. I need stories like this from Morrison until the end of time." —Sadie Hartmann, author of 101 Horror Books to Read Before You’re Murdered

"A master of iconoclastic satire and deftly turned plot points, American Narcissus showcases author Chandler Morrison's genuine flair for originality and the kind of narrative storytelling style that keeps and holds the reader's rapt attention from start to finish." — Midwest Book Review

"American Narcissus is Morrison at his scathing, satirical best...A darkly comic search through the spiritual decay of LA--and our modern age--where there may be no soul to find at all." —Ryan Harding, Splatterpunk award-winning author of Transcendental Mutilation

"American Narcissus is a beautiful tragedy in which Morrison's unrelenting voice shines through...This is the book he was meant to write." —Autumn Christian, author of Girl Like a Bomb

“Chandler Morrison is of the most visceral and uncompromising writers of his generation, and Dead Inside is a nightmarish, unforgettable work of fiction.” —Donald Ray Pollock, author of The Devil All the Time

“No blurb will be able to fully convey how great this book is. Chandler Morrison’s voice is unique, stylish and powerful. Required reading for fans of Brett Easton Ellis, Tom Piccirilli or Chuck Palahniuk.” —Brian Keene, Author of The Rising, Ghoul

Author Biography

Chandler Morrison is the author of seven previous books, including #thighgap and Dead Inside. His short fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies and literary journals. He lives in Los Angeles.