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128 Pages, 8.5 x 11

Formats: Cloth, PDF

Cloth, $22.99 (US $22.99) (CA $22.99)

Publication Date: October 2012

ISBN 9781561637010

Rights: WOR X UK

NBM Publishing (Oct 2012)
NBM ComicsLit

Price: $22.99


A charming, lyrical graphic novel both poetic and full of deeper meaning

To lure pretty Epily, little chick Abelard sees only one solution: to catch the moon for her. So off he goes to America, the country that invented flying machines. Armed with his banjo and his proverb-sharing hat, he launches out on the country roads, where he meets Gaston, a grumpy bear with whom he shares his plan. As opposed to dreamer Abelard, Gaston has his feet firmly planted on the ground. This humorous comic, where the absurd becomes poetry, explores philosophical ideas through a simple, fanciful story.


"Its bittersweet tale of how one life can deeply touch another is meant for burgeoning existentialists and those who wish to see what comics are capable of through the prism of an idiosyncratic philosophy." —Booklist (January 2013)

"BEST OF 2012! Renaud Dillies' achingly beautiful and poetic Abelard is a mesmerizing book and a truly powerful one at that." —

"We need work like that of Renaud Dillies to remind us that comics can transport us to magical places and times. Abelard is a real masterwork."  —Jared Gardner, Public Books

Author Biography

Renaud Dillies is a comics artist who studied at the famous St. Luc School of Art in Tournai, Belgium. He won the Best First Album Award at the Angouleme Comics Festival, France’s highest set of awards for comics. He is the author of Bubbles & Gondola. Regis Hautière is a French comics scriptwriter.