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A Haunting Place
A Haunting Place

A Haunting Place

Bizarre, eerie and mysterious... the world’s most haunted places


184 Pages, 6.39 x 9.02

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $24.99 (US $24.99) (CA $33.95)

Publication Date: January 2018

ISBN 9781742579399

Rights: US & CA

New Holland Publishers (Jan 2018)

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A Haunting Place is a book that explores both the mysterious and ghostly encounters in locations in Australia & around the world.“We talk to the people who swear they have been visited by the dead; We visit the places of these confrontations with the supernatural to uncover the story of the ‘ghosts’ and the people and places they haunt. We talk to teams of ghost busters using technology to solve the mystery of ghosts.We talk to film makers who can’t leave the theme of ghosts alone.â€ÂFrom houses to hotels, schools, castles, hospitals, cellars, sheds, stables and all manner of buildings – ghostly contiguity runs rampant in the seemingly normal everyday.Breathtaking locations – such as old mills, windswept Quarantine Stations, run-down and abandoned mental hospitals, derelict pubs, lonely roads and silent houses – disguise their eerie history.Why is it that people are so fascinated with the unknown?The mysterious? The supernatural? Our captivation with the paranormal and the unexplained is neverending.The thought of ghosts floating about within our existence arouses fear, a sense of wonder and the longing for logical explanations that never quite make sense.A 2005 Gallup survey revealed three out of four Americans profess at least one paranormal belief. The most popular belief is extrasensory perception (ESP) mentioned by 41%, followed closely by belief in haunted houses (37%) and that ghosts/spirits of dead people can come back in certain places/situations (32%).Supernatural ideology exist in many different cultures and a belief in ghosts is one of the most common; this, in part, relates to a belief, or hope in the afterlife, a tenet of most major religions. Believing in the supernatural has its roots in our desire to have control over our lives and our world.

Author Biography

Glen Williams is a seasoned well-respected, award winning journalist who has spent the last 30 plus years of his career working extensively in the world of magazines and newspapers. In that time, he has covered world-famous stories, earning the valued trust and profiling many of the world's most treasured icons. Along with a highly successful career in journalism, specialising in Real Life, Travel and Entertainment reporting, Glen has worked as a TV publicist and copy writer for various media organisations.